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Back from Holidays [2 Trandary 4261]

There's nothing like sleeping in a fire for a few hours to help with an excess of drunkenness. It must boil the alcohol off or some such. (One must be sure not to vomit, but I was sufficiently moderate this time.) So I woke up feeling as bright and cheerful and refreshed as a kitten in a millwheel.

Dustweed and Tethezai were up much later than I was, and, consequently, they were still thoroughly asleep in a tangle when I woke up. I felt obliged to drape a sheet over them. I hope they are thoroughly embarrassed; I do not want to see them at their sleep-interrupted intimacies again. Or not until I have some intimacies of my own.

Breakfast: chopped jumby melon -- a delicacy which will soon be out of season, which is just fine. A bit of cold poached herring. Seven hundred and eighty-eight chalices of kathia -- I may be off by a few there, for I think that the first few hundred didn't have much of an effect. A rather distressing discussion with Dubaille, who evidently attended the Lady Quissenden's formal First Day party, despite her having somehow neglected to invite him. (Two Herethroy gardeners, whom he -- he! -- had hired, the Lady Quissenden had remove him from the ballroom (where he was hurling insults and appetizers at her), and lock him in a shed until this morning.)

And now to the task of the day: choosing the term's courses.

Course Teacher Opinion
Formal Enchantment Prof. Trillisanguinus Spreen (Rassimel woman) I presume I shall be thoroughly humiliated in this course too. Perhaps I should ask Glikkonen for some secrets which I could at least smirk about knowing ... perhaps Llezcaryg's Disaster. In any case this course is entirely theoretical, so it should not require any cley.
Notable Magical Catastrophes Prof. Ili (Herethroy woman) I had hoped that this course would be easy to the point of barely existing at all, but my hope is in vain, for the senior students wince at the very name of it. Prof. Ili does not simply tell entertaining stories (though she does that). The emphasis of the class is how not to be involved in a notable magical catastrophe onesself. One may expect to be interrogated by boiling weekly.
Applied Enchantment Prof. Nethry Alzagond (Rassimel woman) I had not met Prof. Alzagond before. I spoke to her about taking the course. </br> Prof. Alzagond: "I hear that you take great pains to conceal your might at Enchantment. Or, perhaps, you are not actually mighty at it?"
Me: "No, but it's somewhat of the family trade, so I should like to learn some bit of competance at it."
Prof. Alzagond: [smiling] "I should think something of the kind can be arranged."
So I should get an easier time than previously.
Corpador Prof. Oolsp (Orren man) The continuation of last term's course, which even ~mother~ found little to complain about.
A Discussion upon Monsters Prof. Syylista Syyllia This should be an easy course. It had better be an easy course, for no other course this term is easy.

If the reader has been moderate about First Day drinking, zie will note three or four courses in applied magic. (One may debate and discuss the applied nature or not of Prof. Ili's course -- though not being involved in a notable magical catastrophe seems distinctly practical.) If one has been drinking, one might well see seven hundred and eighty-eight.

So, I brought my list of courses to the Official of Disbursements at the Bank of Teleporting Hexagons. My date was carefully chosen! Alas, zie had not been drinking, and saw only four courses. My ~mother~'s instructions to the bank were slightly more generously worded than zir instructions to me -- "classes of direct relevance to the professional sorcerer".

Zie waved zir antennae and said, "All seems to be in order."

Which is to say, I have a good deal more money this month, or next month, than I did last month, or the month before.

I am not exactly sure how to measure how much. My ~mother~ directs zir money precisely: I have so much for lodging, so much for food, so much for a servant, so much for buying books, so much for buying spells, so much for clothing suitable for court, and then another so much for "frivolity". For spells ... I could, I think, pass the whole month doing nothing but buying spells -- worthwhile spells! -- and grafting them on, and still not exhaust that facet of my allowance. Books, similarly: I could buy in a month more than I could read in a month. Frivolity is not so greatly encouraged; I suspect that I shall not have much more than I do now for it.

Still, I could -- get a new apartment with a room all to myself! And a servant! And some big heavy weighty tomes! And a few useful spells, so that if the servant is ill, I could put the big heavy weighty tomes back on the shelves!

I could graft Cloak of Another God.

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