Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Sythyry Music?

I've got a decent playlist for Sythyry-writing.  But I'd like to expand on it a bit.

So, can you recommend music that you think would encourage me to write more Sythyry?

Tracks tend to work well if:
  • They don't have English lyrics.  
  • They are fairly upbeat and energetic.
  • They suggest Sythyry (or World Tree stuff), or a mood you'd like to see more of in Sythyry, or something like that.
  • They are available as MP3s on Amazon or iTunes, or you can send them to me, or something.
I've got the LJ handle of the person who told me about a track attached to the name of the track in my playlist, so I kind of think of them as "Scorpion Frog from otter3" and so forth.

Thanks very much!
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