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State of the Sythyry 2010

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State of the Sythyry

And that’s the end of the second year of Sythyry’s Vacation. Two years, two hundred twenty-seven Sythyry’s Vacation entries, and a quarter of a million words later. (And still no actual doom-free vacation for Sythyry, but maybe zie’ll get to have some relaxation in Hanija.)

I’ve been posting three times a week for most of 2010. That’s been a bit much: I’ve generally been able to keep up with it, but I had to take a break for a while to recover at one point, and I haven’t written much other fiction.

So, my plan for 2011 is, two Sythyry posts a week, probably Monday and Thursday. And the usual scattering of Vae posts, polls, and other oddments, of course. Plus I’ll try to self-publish at least one of the books sitting around on my hard drive doing nothing. I’m also writing another one so it can sit around on my hard drive doing nothing for a while (and I’m looking for a couple of early readers for that, too).

But, Sythyry is a matter of vanity public utility public service, so if you zap me with a sufficient degree of joy about Sythyry (see below) in a given week, I’ll post more Sythyry.

How to Fuel Sythyry’s Vacation

I write and post Sythyry’s Vacation because I know that people read it and enjoy it. The more fuel I get for it, the more I’ll write. So here’s what I want for fuel, with the most important things up top. If you do any of these things, you are encouraging me to write more.

  1. More readers! If you think that Yorgo the Approximately Glorious would like Sythyry’s Vacation, tell zir about it.
  2. Feedback! Comments to me, on LJ or personal email or chat or whatever. Notes to Sythyry, which zie sometimes answers and occasionally (rarely!) even understands properly. Notes to other characters if you like. Suggestions to me of things you’d like to see. Cheers for things you’re glad you saw, or even complaints about things you weren’t glad you saw. Feedback is what keeps me writing day by day, so it’s definitely at the top of the list.
  3. Buy our other stuff! There’s the World Tree RPG gamebook (which explains the physics and general world that Sythyry lives in) if you like gaming. My novel A Marriage of Insects is set in the same universe and has a similar style. Sythyry’s Journal is a collection of the first run of Sythyry, self-published. These are all available on Amazon (possibly free shipping), or you can order through us and get signatures and maybe other goodies (but not free shipping).
  4. Reviews on SF and RPG sites! Honest ones, and I do hope that means they’re pretty good, but definitely honest.
  5. Link me on your blog or website!
  6. Artwork! I will bring the art page back up to date, even, and people will view and admire your artwork. Special Offer: If I get an icon of any Strayway character, I will let that character post and chat with you, as Vae is doing now. Want to talk to Grinwipey? Here’s your chance!
  7. Donate! This is cyber-funded creativity, I suppose. I’m not particularly trying to make money off of it, but I do accept tips and will probably do something nice for you (like a cameo) if you give me one.
  8. Answer the polls and such! I enjoy watching answers show up, and getting surprised at the collective opinion.
  9. Send us other creative or fun stuff!

And if you don’t do any of that … please keep reading Sythyry anyways. That’s what it’s for. And as long as enough people are reading, and I know it, I’ll keep writing.

And if you’re already doing that or have done it, thank you very much!


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