Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Vae: Ten Things Meme

The ten things I would like to say to the people (the people are more than ten) are these ten things:

  1. The great sorrow is on me for what I did to you.
  2. The more grand and specific apology would I make to you if it were at all safe.
  3. The vast love is with me for you. [
  4. The offworld vacation is what I would like to take you on, if you dared to come with me.
  5. The again is there a sorrow upon me for what I did to you, and the large sorrow it is, too.
  6. If I could reverse time to such a degree, and would you have let me do it, so that you would be alive?
  7. The tears of stabbing glass do hurt me as much as they would anyone. The lies I tell for the comfort of my friends.
  8. The goal of a monster is to be less of a horror, not more. The more-goal is the luxury of primes.
  9. The pickled snails I do not love to eat. The gift-compulsion it was that made me say so. The favorite food of mine they are not, nor do I much have the love of eating them, but I do so and I pretend so when you serve them to me out of kindness, and I appreciate the wish of yours to be kind to me more than I can ever say.
  10. The great sorrow, again, is on me, for what I did to you.

[The love one is to Oixe. The vacation one is to Sythyry. The time one is to Seeks-*, I think, but it might be someone else. The eyes one is to Quendry. The less-monster one is to terrycloth, and is Vae's idiosyncratic prime-influenced opinion. The snails one is to Arfaen. ]

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