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Me: “Wentalilla, on this ship, when it is necessary to chastise children, we stop short of physical violence. Stabbing hCevian, while wrong, is more understandable: he is an adult (I think) and he had already struck you. Albeit in defense of Feralan.”

Wentalilla: “My job is to protect the prince.”

Me: “You can do that as much as you like. As you and the prince take commercial skyboats back from our night’s stop to Barency. Or even to Hanija, if you like; I don’t much care where you go after you are off Strayway. I won’t have this sort of recklessness and violence on my skyboat.”

Rastomil: “Am I to be expelled, then? I have done relatively little wickedness on board, save to be collided with and brutally guarded.”

Feralan: “Prince Rastomil? Are you being very anxious about getting expelled? You look very nervous and worried!”

Rastomil: “O young Cani of a Rassimel — I am indeed less than eager to return to Barency.”

Me: “I don’t see any reason to kick you off for having a troublesome friend, Rastomil, so long as you behave well.”

Wentalilla: “Then I must stay to guard him!”

Me: “You must leave the skyboat at our next port of call, which is Flowdeen, in about an hour or so. “

Wentalilla: “This is in defiance of the law and the Duke!”

Me: “The law and the duke of Barency, a city which we cannot even see from here. You may spend the meantime packing if you wish, or in persuading Rastomil to come with you. Your choice.”

Jagraton: “This is inappropriate behavior, and will be met with suitable measures!”

Me: “If you do more than write a strongly-worded complaint to the Vheshrame embassy, I will remove you from the ship as well.” And, when I saw where Jagraton’s hand was, I added, “Threatening violence to the ship’s captain is a great crime to the Sky Pilot’s Guild — whose laws do apply here, as we are on a skyboat.”

When we docked at Flowdeen, we escorted Wentalilla to the door, sans luggage. Violence was nearly necessary, but Prince Rastomil agreed to accompany her over the threshold, onto the dock. She tried to grab him and kidnap him away there, but was prevented from doing so by Windigar’s quick use of the ship’s defenses.

Jagraton looked daggers at me every time he saw me, and recruited one of the Cani — Bryef, a Barency city guard — as a spare bodyguard for the prince.

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