Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Au Revoir [14 Hivvem 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

(We have stopped at Oorah Thrassen, to let Saza off and take Ochirion on board. The latter is politicial. hCevian will not leave Feralan for sentimental reasons, and will not leave Vae for reasons of self-preservation. (I don’t want to leave such a powerful creature in close proximity to Oorah Thrassen in any case; that city does not need more magical power, in my opinion.) Since we have no way of restraining hCevian save persuasion, it seemed easier to bring Ferelan with us. And we might as well bring Ochirion with us.)

The students are, on the whole, behaving themselves. Some of them are even behaving each other, too. Furthermore, if the rumors I hear are correct, Arkathia, Balinbrax, Cluthe, Molazasrie, Sizzletap, and Unispike are behaving Inconnu, as well.

Alzagonde has mostly been hiding in her cabin, and having Hrone and Wetwetwet bring her her meals. Feralan tried to go there to apologize to her, but she didn’t want to see him. Grinwipey tried to go there to apologize to her, by which I believe he meant, threaten her more successfully than previously. I did not let him.

Inconnu has not been boasting about his conquests. I’m pretty sure that there have been conquests, for he has not been moping, but he has been almost alarmingly circumspect.

And then we got to Oorah Thrassen.


Afterwards — and by “afterwards” I definitely mean “afterwards”, in the sense that there was something quite distinct and substantial that occurred before the “afterwards” — Saza and I curled up in zir fireplace, for it was far too late in the evening to go back to Strayway and sail off towards Hanija. I am not in such a hurry in any case, except in the sense that I am already regretting accepting such a herd of students to take care of.

“But tonight you do not need to take care of any students,” whispered Saza. “Tonight you are my guest, in the half-circle of my wings and the leather-lined coziness of my fireplace, as I have long been your guest aboard Strayway. Tonight all that I can provide of comfort and pleasure shall be yours.” Zir words held just the smallest bit of a sting: as there had not been anything nearly so distinct and substantial aboard Strayway.

“Actually I think you’ve provided rather generously of the pleasure already tonight,” I said, because I have not really learned to talk so nicely as Saza yet.

We embraced a bit more … I am not going to talk about those embraces, other to note that embraces in assorted flavors occurred before, during, and after this journal entry … and, because it was very late at night, and we were going to set sail in the morning, I arranged for an extra private day-or-so for just the two of us.

“Ooh, so long…!” moaned Saza when zie saw the extra day.

Innuendable comments and activities ensued, which I am far too embarrassed to repeat.

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