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OOC: Grilled Fish.

OOC: Grilled Fish

The last entry in Sythyry’s journal featured very importantly a grilled fish. This was slightly real-life flavored. I, too, have been craving grilled fish.

beetiger and I went out on our regularly-scheduled Friday night nice dinner of delight and happiness, this time at a fun Korean place called Kalbi House. (It is not the place that Tamvaus is modelled after.) I was whiffling about wanting grilled fish on the way there. However, Kalbi House doesn't have any grilled fish options that are shareable with a pregnant woman. She offered to go somewhere else instead, but I wanted all the amazing Korean side dishes more than a grilled fish.

Korean restaurants generally come with a pile of little side dishes. Kim chi (spicy pickled cabbage), shredded daikon radish in vinegar, seaweed salad, sweet black beans, barbeque potatoes, macaroni salad with Japanese crabstick … there are dozens of possibilities, and the restaurants do half a dozen each evening. Kalbi House often has a special featured side dish, brought to your table in mid-meal. Last time it was fresh kim chi, before it fermented, and it was really neat to do the side-by-side comparison.

Tonight's was grilled fish.

Named Inihithre.

(Well, we named it ourselves. beetiger had named the grilled beef "Milwaukee". The side dishes were anonymous.)

It was a pike-mackerel: a little pointy-beaked fish about a foot long and not very thick, grilled with lemon and salt maybe. Nothing terribly fancy. But very very fun, after I had been hoping for grilled fish.

I was stunned and delighted.

I am beginning to wonder if some gods or other are reading my livejournal, though.

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