Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Embarking and Departure [11 Hivvem 4385; Barency]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

In certain places, at certain times, the pilot can hear anything that happens in Strayway. This allows certain amounts of eavesdropping. Windigar was paying attention to our incoming passengers.

Student 5

Student 5: “I don’t see why I have to go on this trip.”

Mump: “It is your own fault for taking a project that diverges from the noble purity of socio-prosody! Since it is so abnormal, you need to do some actual fieldwork! You are contemplating a lifetime of study of the prevention of transaffection in children. Well, there are children aboard Strayway, children of transaffectionate parents. You will surely learn something of use from this situation alone! Furthermore, Hanija is a city in which young adults are outright encouraged to be transaffectionate. Discover the means of this encouragement! Contemplate how one might apply a counter-force!”

Student 5: “I still object and complain and protest and register seven mule-loads of sharp-spined disagreement! I am being rusticated, nay, exiled! Sent off amidst and among the forces of the ignominious and wicked, as if I were of no more account than a muffin-maker’s daughter!”

Mump: “Bah! I have arranged this excursion largely for your benefit! Go, or I shall have thee expelled from the department! Ah, here is our host. Sythyry, I wish to introduce you to my senior student Alzagonde, who shall be in charge of the spiritual, moral, and ethical nurturing of the rest of the students.”

Alzagonde is a tall and well-dressed Rassimel, with classic Rassie styling and brilliant blue eyes, looking quite sharp. When I say ‘well-dressed’, it was in that odd graduate student style: she wore a basic wraparound skirt and a sweater, in a very unimpressive style, but the material was quite fine: speaking as a couturier, I would venture eight or nine lozens simply for the cloth, and that’s not counting the copper buttons.

Me: “Welcome aboard … wait, I thought you disapproved of transaffection?”

Alzagonde: “No such thing! I simply disapprove of harm coming to the transaffectionate as a result of their perversions.”

Me: “Please be so kind as to choose your words more carefully upon my skyship.”

Alzagonde: “I did not use the word in its vulgar meaning! It is a technical term of long standing in my field of study, and I intended it in that sense! It is no more offensive than a mathematician calling the square root of two ‘irrational’!”

Me: “When the square root of two owns a skyboat and has agrees to be your host and protector for a longish trip, without charging you a terch for it, you may wish to find an term for the concept of not being the quotient of integers that does not also suggest at madness.”

Alzagonde: “Very well. I shall be circumspect in word and action on this trip.”

Typical Student

One of the Orren families:

Strappie: “Hello, Captain Sythyry!”

Me: “Hello! Who might you be?”

Strappie: “I’m Strappie! I’m a student! This is my husband Burbot! That is my wife Arkathia, over there, sitting on a table and chatting with your servant Inconnu! She’s a student too! We’re really looking forward to this trip!”

Me: “Glad to meet you, and welcome aboard…”

Strappie: “We’ve never been out of Barency Mene! Will we run into pirates? Will you destroy them with your nendrai and your Locador demon and your wizardry? Can we watch?”

Me: “I hope we don’t have any more pirates, though Strayway is quite well-warded even without Vae’s help.”

Strappie: “That’s wonderful! Do you speak Pofnu, like they do in Hanija? We’ve been studying it all week! We’re really good at it now! We can teach you!”

Me: “It would be good to learn a bit before we go…”

Strappie: “Great! We’ll run a class! We’ll teach everyone aboard! This’ll be fantastic! It’ll be such a great trip!”

Me: “You’re not afraid of … any damage to your reputation?”

Strappie: [in a bit of a Wild Rush] “Oh no everyone knows we’re all married and besides Inconnu isn’t going to be seducing us because he’s Orren and we’re Orren and he’s traff and we’re not so everything is going to be all fine!”

Me: “I am glad that Inconnu’s reputation has eclipsed that of the Orren-fanciers aboard!”

Strappie: “Oh no we didn’t think about any Orren fanciers are there any?”

Me: “One or two, but nobody you should worry about. Everyprime on board takes ‘no’ for an answer, and most of them won’t even ask.”

Strappie: “That’s great! Burbot, isn’t that great! It’s great!”

Burbot: “Calm down, Strappie, calm down.”

Strappie: “But we’re so glad to be doing something interesting for school this term!”

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