Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Few Students [7 Hivvem 4385, Barency]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Me: “That’s rather a lot of students.”

Mump: “Bah! Sixteen students? That would be a small class — a tiny class!!”

Me: “I am not, however, a teacher.”

Mump: “Nor do I expect you to teach them! Alzagonde, Hrone, and Vind are going — they are senior students, which in Vheshrame you might term graduate students, and they will instruct and guide the others!”

Me: “That improves matters somewhat. Still, this list of passengers is quite large.”

Mump: “It has been trimmed down to the barest essentials!”

Me: “The barest essentials average out to more than one non-student per student!”

Mump: “What, do you expect Prince Rastomil to go without a retinue, a bodyguard?”

Me: “There’s a prince on there?”

Mump: “I do not know how it is in Vheshrame, but in Barency, the flower of the nobility attend our school, and many of them study Behavior of Primes. After all, to govern people, one must first understand people.”

Me: “He seems to be specializing in the transaffectionate. This shows his excellent judgment and impeccable taste.”

Mump: “I suppose that is one way to interpret the situation. In any case, many students are bringing along their spouses. This is a matter of some urgency to them! They do not want to be thought to be going along to be transaffectionate themselves!”

Me: “Understandable, though rather insulting. I would like an annotated list, explaining who these people are and what their relationships are like. Otherwise I shall be tremendously confused.”

Mump: “Ridiculous!”

Me: “I shall not fly them otherwise; they may not enter my skyboat.”

Mump: “After various further remonstrations, I shall agree to have a graduate student prepare it.”

And here it is. Even with the list in hand, I am tremendously confused.

Name Demography Notes
Alzagonde Rassimel woman, student Senior student / instructor.
Amberstripe Herethroy woman, servant Chaperone to Rastomil
Arkathia Orren woman, student Wife of Burbot and Strappie
Balinbrax Rassimel man, non-student Sycophant of Rastomil
Bryef Cani man, non-student all the Cani are married, bodyguard of Rastomil
Burbot Orren man, non-student Husband of Arkathia and Strappie
Claryelle Herethroy woman, servant Entourage of Kerria
Cluthe Cani woman, non-student all the Cani are married
Dance-dap Orren woman, non-student Wife of Mhebb and Morayfay
Frippin Orren woman, student in danger of flunking out
Vind Rassimel man, student Senior student / instructor
Gresh Cani man, non-student all the Cani are married
Hrone Cani man, student Senior student / instructor; all the Cani are married
Invincible Fire Demon Orren man, student Son of the High Priest of Flokin, who is also a great lord and hero of Barency
Isko Rassimel man, student Some kind of baron
Izet Cani woman, student all the Cani are married
Jagraton Rassimel man, servant Bodyguard of Rastomil
Kazrie Rassimel woman, servant servant of the Cani
Kerria Herethroy co-lover, student mari of Tarragina; Grand Baron
Mhebb Orren woman, student Wife of Dance-dap and Morayfay
Molazasrie Rassimel woman, student disgraced minor nobility from Tauvane
Mongwose Orren man, servant Servant of Arkathia
Morayfay Orren man, non-student Husband of Dance-dap and Mhebb
Postmarine Orren woman, student Some kind of esquire
Rastomil Rassimel man, student Sixth child of the Duke of Barency; playboy
Schranie Cani woman, student all the Cani are married
Sizzletap Orren man, non-student Not sure why he’s here at all.
Strappie Orren man, student Husband of Burbot and Arkathia
Tarragina Herethroy woman, non-student wife of Kerria
Thivie Cani woman, non-student all the Cani are married
Trust Cani man, non-student all the Cani are married
Unispike Herethroy co-lover, student cosi of the Duke of Barency’s main personal lieutenant.
Vumachs Cani man, non-student all the Cani are married
Wentalilla Rassimel woman, non-student Secretary and bodyguard of Rastomil
Wetwetwet Orren man, servant Servant of the Cani
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