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Student 14 (Cani): “Do you feel guilty about being traff and not contributing to the support of a family of your own species and to the continuation of your family line?”

Saza: “By the florio, I am too young and poor to do such a thing!”

Me: “Nor are Inconnu or I really of an age where procreating would be an immediate goal. Phaniet may answer for herself. But I certainly have clients who support a family of their own species and continue their family lines: as many as a quarter or a third. Some of them even came on Strayway. And for my part, I am not so concered about my own species, but about all eight primes species taken together. My family line is doing quite well.”

Phaniet: “I do feel guilty about not having a proper family, and puppies and all. I would feel guiltier if I tried to have them, for I could not be a proper wife to my spouses, nor a good mother to my puppies. Better, I think, to live as I live, without causing woe to those I have vowed to love and protect.”

Inconnu: “What’s this biffle about ‘not contributing’? I contribute — I contribute like a fountain and a half! I live cheap and send a third of my wages to my parents in their village! That’s contributing a whole lot! So none of that lip, or I’ll cross you off my list and give your place to that fine Cani you’re holding hands with!”

Student 15 (Cani, holding hands with 14): “What, what? Me? No!”


A Rassimel girl, Student 16, in the back looked very nervous seeing traff folk in the flesh. “Isn’t traff, like, unnatural?” She idly played with the tip of her ringed tail while she thought. “I mean, I know that my girlfriend and I, well, we’re going to get married and adopt other Rassis. Or maybe one of us’ll get preggers. That’s jus’ natural. But, I mean, it would be impossible for us to, like, raise a Cani. We don’ have the sense of smell, or the longhouses, or anythin’ like that. Or worse, a…” she pursed her lips in distaste. “…a Sleeth. I don’ know anything about raising kittens!” [Thanks, chipuni -bb]

“I mean, if it’s natural, which of the 7+12 gods is in charge of it?”

Saza: “Love, in any form, is quite a natural phenomenon. Love is an emotion, hence a Mentador substance. You might deem transaffection to be some wicked meddling of Birkozon, but, so far as I am aware — and I am allowed by law and custom to work with Mentador — there is no material difference between one form of romantic love and other. The appearance and character of a love, to the usual perceptual spells, indicates a number of important points — the fervor, the duration, the requitedness, and so forth. It does not reveal much about the nature of the beloved.”

Student 16: “Eeew! He’s in charge of deciding who I love?”

Saza: “Only if someone casts a love spell on you! Not even then, since the caster is the one doing it.”

Student 8: “Still, that’s gross.”

Saza: “Perhaps it is gross, but it’s not traff-gross. All love works the same, so far as I know. For that matter, it’s not much different from how you think or speak: all that is mind, is the domain of Birkozon. Distressing, yet, but even the act of being distressed is the providence of the tyrant god.”


Student 17 (Rassimel girl) “”If you like your own species and others, how do you know if you’re transaffectionate or not?”

Inconnu: “Go for the traff, girl, go for the traff! It’ll never let you down!”

Me: “Well, according to last year’s theories in Vheshrame, you do not exist, or, more exactly, you have not decided which you are. My current opinion is that you should see who you fall in love with the most, and try to build a sensible life based on that, and figure out whether you are transaffectionate or not based on the species of your main lovers.”

Mump: “What, what is this? I am disappointed! I was looking forward to a long argument about the Vheshrame position, but — how is this? — you have come closer to the truth! Alas, what shall we debate hideously, what foolish silliness shall I beat out of your head now?”

Phaniet: “That’s far too sensible. Why not spend a few decades fretting about which one you are first? You might still be alive to enjoy your decision, when you’re sure of it. “

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