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Student 12 (Cani): “What about people who are into, you know, the more harmless sorts of monsters? Scawn, taptet, wherriwheffle, mherobump, you know.”

Saza: “Can we save that one for the ‘ask insulting questions now’ section?”

Student 12: “It’s not insulting! There’s just not much of a gap between going for a Khtsoyis and going for a mherobump. Actually, a mherobump probably sounds better to lots of you.”

Inconnu: “We have no monster-fanciers around.”

Student 12: “I don’t think you’re paying attention!”

Me: “I know my clients pretty well, actually. Those few who have consorted with monsters have not done so voluntarily.”

Student 5: “You’re deluding yourself! At best!”

Me: “A useful counter-argument to, well, anything you happen to disagree with. Yet it shall not be taken seriously, for it is based on nothing more than your ignorance and your whimsy. Spend a few months with my crew and see what you think then.”


Mump: “I’ve got a question. Why is it important to distinguish between cisaffectionate and transaffectionate in any case? One could certainly imagine a city in which one’s choice of lovers was not a concern of anyone but those lovers, and perhaps their other lovers.” He smiled dangerously.

Me:Is it important to pay attention that, at all? I rather suspect it is not important. What is important, though, is not to be the first one to start along the path towards that transfiguration of society. One would be shunned, persecuted, prosecuted, or worse. So, I should think, we do not change, though there is no woodly benefit to staying as we are.”

Phaniet: “I suppose it’s worth knowing who will live like an ordinary Cani, and who won’t. I can hardly count the number of times when, oh, someone pops over to deliver a letter to me, and is surprised when nobody is home. An ordinary Cani longhouse is never quite empty, unless the whole pack is off somewhere together for some reason.”

Inconnu: “Because I wouldn’t want to ask an icky, icky cissy person out on a date! I need to know!”

Mump: “Ah, forgive me my little trap. This topic has been covered in recent lectures. There are various important societal needs for identifying the transaffectionate. You there, in the third row, please explain! “

Student 11: “For example, consider that you are more easily and readily subject to blackmail than I am. For this reason, you are less suitable for positions of trust.”

Me: “I beg your pardon. What, someone will threaten to reveal to the inhabitants of Vheshrame that I am having an affair with a non-Zi Ri? When I have been quite openly doing so since before anyone but my half-sibling was born?”

Student 11: “Well, not about that. Someone could seduce you in a trice, penetrating you in ways that are not at all dignified, and get witnesses to your shame. You would work hard to keep that secret, I’d wager! Perhaps even leaving little holes in the wall you make for some other city, hein?”

Me: “It is remarkable that you know such intimate details of my libido and proclivities — details which I, myself, am unaware of!”

Saza: “It is more remarkable that you do not challenge him to the duello on the spot, Sythyry!”

Me: “You are trying to get me to challenge you, are you not, student?”

Student 11: “Nothing of the sort! I am indulging in academic speculation, such as is always freely permitted in these hallowed halls!”

Mump: “Indeed, we do not permit duelling over intellectual points. We would lose too many students otherwise.”

Phaniet: “Considering how little basic civility they learn, I must consider this ban inevitable!”

Inconnu: “Well, I academically speculate that you’re all but squirming and dripping in your chair at the thought of my fine, warm, brown-furred arms wrapped around your hard yet smooth chitin, my …” He got outright pornographic before Phaniet’s kicking of his leg was mighty enough to shush him up.

Student 11: “Nothing of the sort! I should thrash you with a knout!”

Inconnu: “Academic speculation, dearie, academic speculation! Or are you saying you’re into the strong stuff even for a traff-bug? I can try that out if you’d like, honey! Anything once!”

Student 11: “Oh, infamous insinuations! Everyone else, why do you laugh — why do you laugh at me so? I am wronged here, wronged by the libellous and slanderous words of this foreigner! Am I, the nephew of Count Twangyfield, to be mocked in my very own classroom?”

Everyone: “Though we aver that you are not to be mocked, our snickerings continue for quite some time!”

Q 11

Student 13: “Have you ever gotten nervous around other transaffectionate primes because they were being too aggressively traff?”

Inconnu: “There’s no such thing as too aggressively traff!”

Me: “And the rest of us are constantly nervous around Inconnu.”

Inconnu: “I challenge you to a duel — in bed!”

Me: “Even more nervous!”

Which considerably amused the students, at least.

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