Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

And the interrogation continues…

Mirrored from Sythyry.


Student 7 (Rassimel): “What is the greatest step that Ketherian society could do to make transaffection more acceptable?”

We looked at each other blankly.

Inconnu: “Have everyone agree that species is no more relevant to one’s choice of sweeties than fur color, social status, gender, profession, and other such matters?”

Student 6 (Orren): “But those are all fairly relevant! I, personally, prefer to date wonderfully-spotty Orren who are my fellow students, and of not too low a rank!”

Inconnu: “Precisely! But would you be condemned socially if you dated a spotless Orren who worked in a bookstore?”

Student 6: “Not particularly, I suppose.”

Inconnu: “Exactly! I do not seek to eliminate personal tastes — you may love whomever you wish! I simply seek to eliminate the opprobrium that comes with it.”

Student 7: “That would work, I suppose. It seems hard to achieve. How will you do it?”

Inconnu: “Me? Oh, I’ll just delegate it to Sythyry. Zie’ll find a way somehow.”

Me: “…”


Student 8 (Herethroy): “Isn’t there size issues between some peoples?” There was much laughter.

Me: “Beg pardon?”

Student 8: “Well, you’re a little tiny Zi Ri, and she’s a great big Cani woman, so what the persmeggidy are you going to do for her?” (some laughter)

Me: “Leave her to her husband.”

Student 5: “But then you’re not having any sort of traff sex!”

Me: “In fact, Zi Ri are capable of mutually satisfying congress with any other sort of prime. If you’re uncertain about the details, please consult any work of Zi Ri anatomy or pornography.”

Student 9: “Do you consider those who can’t figure out how to work around the little size difference between a Zi Ri and, say, an Orren to be stupid or just uncreative?” (considerable laughter)

Me: “No, just uneducated. I send them off to do some research.” (a bit more laughter)

Mump: “Please, that sort of question is utterly inappropriate for our distinguished guests.”

Student 8: “Not if he’s going to make out with zir after the lecture!” (too many laughs)

Saza: “The only one who actually offered to run a practicum — with optional ‘practi-’ — would be Inconnu.” (A few quick students laughed immediately, followed by many others.)

Inconnu: “Mump, Mump, you forgot my sign-up sheet! I insisted upon a sign-up sheet! Name, address, species!”

Mump: “I made no such agreement!”

Inconnu extracted a sheet of paper from a front-row student, wrote three column titles on it, and sent it around. By the end of the class it had vanished.


Student 10: “What are some distinct issues with traff relationships that don’t typically occur in cis ones?”

Inconnu: “Getting beaten up for being in the relationship at all.”

Me: “That’s for lower-class people trying to do it in Vheshrame at least. Nobility can get away it without physical violence, especially if they’re also married same-species and just doing it adulterously. Eigrach, where we just were, makes traff relationships all but impossible.”

Phaniet: “Different expectations. The various species really are fundamentally different. I need social time, especially with other Cani around, even if I’m not ever going to mate with them. Este needs hobby-time. This works out fine for us: we just have to schedule them at the same time. And I need to remember not to lean on Este for all my social needs; he simply can’t stand that much of them.”

Saza: “I never thought of that.”


Student 11 (Herethroy): “Is it true that you’ve had more than a thousand sexual partners?”

Inconnu: “A mere thousand — what an insult to think I have had so few!”

Phaniet: “Not in the slightest.”

Me: “Not even close”

Saza: “That would be about one new one a year, which is not at all an unreasonable number for a powerful and appealing young Zi Ri!”

Me: [quietly] “You didn’t answer the question.”"

Saza: [quietly] “No … see how many of them noticed that? I believe the Rassimel girl in the red cloak in the second row did.”

By which I understand that I, too, am not getting an answer.

Student 11: “I mean, traff people are all total sluts. Are you competent sluts or incompetent ones?”

Inconnu: “Competent! Very, very competent!”

Phaniet: “We are no more likely to be sluts than cis-folk.”

Me: “Less, in Phaniet’s case. A Cani woman will usually have a dozen spouses, hence a dozen lovers over the course of her life. If Phaniet has had more than two or three, I have not heard of it.”

Phaniet: “My loves have been of five categories. One, unspoken and unrequited. Two, frivolous interest by some noble in Vheshrame which I took far too seriously. Three, spoken and unrequited. Four, spoken and assaulted. Five, Este.”

Student 11: “I think the Orren is telling the truth, and the rest of you are just putting a sweet face over it.”

Saza: “Does anyone have a question that isn’t trying to be enslutting or otherwise insulting?”

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