Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Vae: Revenge

The puzzle here is one I have long thought about, but never found an answer that gives me pleasure.

[Vae writes the following paragraph in an obscure variation on the conditional subjunctive, as if every verb and particle were saying this is not real. Nobody ever talks like that in Ketheria, though everyone would know what it meant. So I translated it with thees and thous, which isn't the same at all, but sounds vaguely similar to the modern ear. The paragraph after is back to normal Ketherian. -bb]

The imagination make of this: that thou hast a friend quite dear to thee, whom thou lovest well and relyest upon in all essays and chances. The friend yet hast done thee a great wrong. (Not precisely will I specify it. Perchance he hath clouted thy child a great clout at some gameful jest, accidentally withal, yet leaving a bitter wound. Perchance he hath snapped up from thee thy true love o' the year, well before that year were over. The whatever be the wrong, the wrong is such that any ordinary friendship would break and crumble 'neath its weight. Not so your own, for it is most dear; but honor and justice demand some redress for this wrong.) The demand for justice thou hast made of him, and he has answered thee, that thou mayst make for him any punishment or revenge that thou wishest, even unto the death and the drinking of his life's blood.

And so, what punishment will you choose? If any sort of punishment that could be arranged by ruling or magic were available to you.

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