Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Vaecon, Vaequest

The nendrai Vae is the one writing this. The Zi Ri Sythyry has many friends and correspondants outside of the World Tree. The loneliness is heavy upon me, for my mate is tending our egg and not great is the number of my friends. Not in the least do I blame anyone for this, for in my carelessness and my overweening caprice do I give them their devastations and miseries.

The reading of this you are making from a different universe, and the nature of yourself is not so often prime. The safety you have from me -- not total, for that I cannot promise. But the greater part of my good-will falls upon my nearby companions and those close to me, so more safe are you from me than most that I could speak to.

The humble begging is upon me. And may I write to you now and then? And may I ask you questions, for good advice you give to Sythyry that I have seen, and I need advice more ever than Sythyry does?

The question first upon me is this: And, for I despise my limbs saving only my tail and my head, is this an ordinary sort of thing to despise one's own body or the parts thereof? And, whether it is or not, what does one do about it?

[OOC - I had to show off the wonderful icon that djinni did of Vae! -bb]

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