Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Botum-shide, proprietory of the Boutique “Wugu”, sold clothing in the distinctive mannerisms of the city-states of Rongzo and Nechozim. His neighbor Tehung, proprietory of a competing boutique that sold clothing and cutlery of our dear Hanija, suspected that the patriotism of Botum-shide was somewhat lacking. At length her suspicions were confirmed! Botum-shide put the banners of Rongzo and Nechozim outside the front door of “Wugu”! Instantly Tehung appealed to the city guard and had him arrested and brought forth before the Heavy Tribunal of Loyalty!

The Heavy Tribunal, uncharacteristically, was unable to decide. Botum-shide argued that the banners simply advertised the wares of his store. But still, they are the banners! So, in its heavy wisdom, the Heavy Tribunal allowed Tehung to challenge Botum-shide to a duel over this matter. Tehung begged to be allowed to use items from her shop. In fairness the Heavy Tribunal granted the same right to Botum-shide. It is the great fortune of our fair city that Tehung’s shop sold cutlery, but Botum-shide’s simply sold clothes.

A finished blouse embroidered with silken eels and waterform Orrens from distant and effeminate Rongzo was, in the end, no match for a chef’s-knife wrought by good Hanijan crafters from good Hanijan meng-nuts. Botum-shide lost the duel. He was thereupon cast into a pit, and left there for three rainy days. By the time he could return, unspecified loyalists had taken all the foreign objects out of “Wugu”, and Botum-shide was thereby made penniless and compelled to take a job as a builder of hypocausts in the slums.

Let this serve as a dire and relentless warning to all who contemplate waving the banners of other city-states!

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