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Mirrored from Sythyry.

“Lingna-no Gibobi ranks great among the criminals of Hanija. He is the only one who has been punished more than once for doorwaying. Most people would stop with once, but not he! The first time, when he was an officer in the city guard, he allowed hugeng to enter Hanija by the sally-gate, where they killed his rival. His alibi was superb, however, and he was simply killed twice and then imprisoned for a year. The second time, when he was a private bodyguard of Enowong the Bosafdade of Magnificent, he allowed a mewellicap to enter the city by the sally-gate, whereupon it caroused most regrettably with the Khtsoyis who dwell by Slythercunte Lane until it was slain by the brave city guard. As nobody had been killed or even injured, Lingna-no was simply executed twice and imprisoned for a year. The third time, the doorwaying was stopped before anything occurred: the magistrate happened to observe Lingna-no creeping stealthily towards the sally-gate at a dismal and deceptive hour of the night. He was executed once and imprisoned for a year as a precaution. And the fourth time, the sally-gate was opened, and the hugeng entered Hanija once more, slaying thirty-eight people. Lingna-no’s crushed body was found at the sally-gate; he was their first victim. Alas, he could not be executed again, being already dead; but his body was impaled, and cast into prison for seven years. Thus, always, with doorwayers.” — Une-Ke’s Book of Bedtime Stories of Revenge and Marvelment

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