Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Why Call Them Back From Heaven?

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Me: “Yerenthax? What on wood have you brought onto my ship?”

Yerenthax: “This is Octagons, this Folded, and this Gaming.”

Octagons: “Hello!”

Folded: “Hello!”

Gaming: “I am not Gaming!”

Yerenthax: “You’re not?”

Gaming: “I am Namie, the Namegiver!”

Jyondre: “I thought Namie was buried in the Phallic Graveyard, surrounded by jagged metal plates, scheduled never to be reincarnated again?”

Namie: “I was for a while!”

Folded: “I rescued her though. I killed one of the others, one who had worked hard to condemn Namie to the graveyard, and I took her body and buried it in that circle. And I took Namie into my body, and bore her as a child.”

Octagons: “You what?”

Folded: “Namie and I defied the nameless Elfimel, two against nine hundred, and we won — we WON!”

Octagons: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Namie: “It was a secret.”

Octagons: “What happened to Gaming? Is she buried too?”

Namie: “No, she just stopped using her name. I think she’s one of the ones who comes and plays games with us a lot.”

I somehow managed to remember that (1) I had a body, (2) it could move, and (c) I could use that movement to express my consternation, indignation, confusion, convulsion, propulsion, and so on.

Me: “I am not entirely recovered from the stunnedness that comes from having found myself in the position of abducting some direct creations of the goddess of healing. For that matter, I am not entirely recovered from the stunnedness that comes from having found myself in the position of stealing sacred relics from her, either. Still, I would like to ask some basic questions.”

Yerenthax: “What do you wish to know, Sythyry?”

Me: “Will this hurt my standing in the Healers’ Guild?”

Yerenthax: “… what?”

Me: “I mean, why did you kidnap these people?”

Yerenthax: “I did not!”

Me: “Well, I certainly didn’t, or not intentionally at least…”

Namie: “We asked to come. We insisted upon it!”

Me: “Well, I suppose that solves one prong of the moral quandary. Yerenthax, next time, though, could you please ask me in advance?”

Yerenthax: “I will see if I can remember that. You were talking to that god, though, and I was worried that she would hear and forbid you.”

Me: “Well, that’s … just as good a reason as with the last stowaways, but at least you told me quickly. Why did you want to leave Heaven?”

Octagons: “Heaven is a horrible, horrible place!”

Namie: “It is dull!”

Octagons: “It has no opportunities for spiritual growth and enlightenment, for the stretching of the intellect, for the mastery of crafts! For anything but an endless and endlessly repetititive cycle of tedious physical enjoyments!”

Namie: “We wouldn’t even know about those other things if we hadn’t had some offworld visitors!”

Octagons: “Take us somewhere else — take us anywhere else!”

Me: “We’ll be taking you to the World Tree, I suppose. What do you think you will do there?”

Folded: “We will live! We will live fully!”

Me: “Oh, really? What did Yerenthax and Jyondre tell you about it?”

Folded: “It is an exciting place, full of adventures!”

Me: “I can’t argue with that. What makes you think you’ll be good at adventures?”

Namie: “… good? …”

Me: “It’s a fairly dangerous place, especially if you’re adventuring. You could get killed… Do you know what would happen to you if you died outside of Heaven?”

Namie: “I suppose I would get buried in your world’s local Phallic Graveyard, and reincarnated in due course … and by someone I have not been reincarnated with a hundred times already! Oh, the excitement!”

Me: “We don’t have any Phallic Graveyards.”

Namie: “You don’t? How do you get reincarnated, then?”

So I explained how that works on the World Tree, and how you lose your whole memory when it happens.

Namie: “But … that amounts to the end of you!”

Me: “Yes, more or less.”

Namie: “Will it happen to us?”

Me: “I have no idea. It’s probably up to Mircannis. She might pick you up and send you back to Heaven. Or treat you like a Rassimel; you look like a variant model of one, or some such. Or anything else she likes.”

Namie: “We despise Mircannis — we revile her! Could not we choose some other god, one of the many who distracted her from her enjoyment of Heaven?”

Me: “I have no idea. The gods are not often spoken with.”

Octagons: “I am afraid!”

Me: “That’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard from any of you. I’m afraid too: afraid that I have not the slightest idea what I’m going to do with you.”

Neither did anyone else. I am nominally making Yerenthax take care of them, since she rescued them, but I’m sure to be busy with them too.

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