Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Just Like Heaven [24 Consimbs 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Me: “OK. Is everyone back here and safe?”

Everyone: “We are!” This took some minutes, and I had other tasks while it was going on.

Me: “Inconnu, how are you doing?”

Inconnu: “Just bright and chirpy, Sythyry! Hope you don’t mind if I lie here and bleed a bit.” He was in fairly good shape for someone who has just been killed three times. I do better work with enchantment than a mere bound spell can provide.

Me: “Leaving you that way is awfully tempting.” I didn’t, of course. “Why on wood did you pick a fight with a god just now?”

Inconnu: “Vae asked me to!”

Me: “Vae? Why on wood did you have Inconnu pick a fight with a god?”

Vae: “The extra time he was buying us, and paying his own blood and pain for it, so it was a high price. The plan was that. Not so swift did I expect Inconnu to be to start the fight! The last measure it was to be, if Thefefy was starting to actually evict us. The plan needed to be made, you see, Sythyry, for we had more to do than simply fetch the primes back to Strayway.”

Me: “… what? …”

I got two answers.

Answer One: Pennies from Heaven

Dorze: “Sythyry! Look! I got you a present!”

Me: “What? Why are you getting me a present? I’ve been pretty nasty to you mostly.”

Dorze: “Except for that little buying-my-indenture-off-and-giving-it-to-my-wives thing. Also you keep complaining about something with Lithia, and I figured out a way to shut you up.”

Lithia: “Shush! You’re not supposed to call us that!”

Me: “Oh, right. I’d forgotten. Where did you get it? Heaven didn’t have any stores, and I didn’t get the impression that you even saw a native, much less got to trade with one.”

Dorze: “No, but it had a temple room.”

Me: “Oh dearie.”

Dorze gave me three bone thimble-chalices, in gaudy red, blue, and purple. They were Glories of Mircannis.

Me: “These are Glories of Mircannis.”

Dorze: [tail wagging] “Yup! They are!”

Saza: “That you snatched from the Temple of Mircannis back in Heaven.”

Dorze: [tail wagging like an over-kathia-ed fan] “Yup! They are!”

Me: “This … is … “

Lithia: “Actually, they’re from me, too. I’m so sick of hearing how…” She put her hands over Something-New-That-I-Didn’t-Catch-Eyes’s ears. “….my father stole two Graces to give to the karcist so I could get born. There you go, three Glories. Shut up with that story, will you?”

I shut up completely for a while. This was rather a boggledom. Two Glories of Hren Tzen had cost me about three million lozens. Glories of Mircannis are not so rare. Nor are they quite as useful to me; it’s often easy enough to sneak Sustenoc into an enchantment, but sneaking Healoc into one is rather harder. Still, I am a healer, and powerful healing tools are the things I sell the most, so these glories will get plenty of use.

Assuming that they don’t have some subtle curse — or, worse, some subtle disinterest — from having been stolen from Mircannis’ abandoned Heaven. Usually it’s not a problem. Stealing from a temple can be quite deadly, e.g., if there is an invulnerable and inexorable god trudging around in there. But once things are stolen, they are in circulation. Except, of course, when they’re not, which doesn’t happen very often but does happen often enough that there are plenty of stories of it happening.

I looked at Dorze wagging his tail, and Lithia and her bride smirking gigantically as if they had just put one over on me. And Saza, who was trying — with complete success — not to drool. Vae smirking a smirk that was either self-satisfied (wonderful to see her thus!) or vengeful (for me giving her presents constantly and thereby controlling her), or probably both. And of course Inconnu, sprawled in bed, surrounded with comforting pillows of herbs, looking utterly uninjured because of previously used cley.

Everyone took a share of the danger, even Vareltree, the graduate student of Prof. Czirsnatch whom we had abducted into another universe and then mostly ignored. So I am going to sell one and split the profits amongst everyone on board. Inconnu gets three extra shares for dying three times helping out. Saza can borrow one of the others whenever zie needs.

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