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Final Round of Elfimel Questions

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Would you be comfortable in forgiving the newcomers to make mistakes, provided they apologize and avoid doing it again?

Elfimel ᑓ: “Newcomers, like you? Of course you will make mistakes — you are not Elfimel! You are not of Heaven! How could we expect you never to make mistakes? Besides, if we complain too brightly to you, you will kill us!”

Este: “Actually, we won’t kill you.”

Grinwipey: “Actually, we’re going to put the smickenhead all over your dornies, so I hope you’ve got a croo-hoo for your croquet!”

Elfimel ᑓ: “What?”

Phaniet and Este: “What?”

Grinwipey: “Just movin’ my mandibles.”

How do you guys get by with only one potty?

Elfimel ᗣ: “… how many potties do you need at once?”

Phaniet: “I think a reasonable architectural design has one for every handful of people in a dwelling-place It avoids lines and awkward accidents.”

Elfimel ᗣ: “Lines? I’ve only had to wait for it twice… have you had more trouble, my sisters?”

Elfimel ᗭ: “No, I think not.”

Elfimel ᗯ: “Yes, but I am a greedy girl, I eat and eat and eat. I had a whole large banana and seven large prens just now, did you know that? And a peach and a pineapple earlier. And that is just from Large Fruit! I eat, I eat and eat, I eat and eat and eat. So I need the potty often — so often! Why, once I used it twice in a single cycle! Can you imagine that?”

Este: “A cycle being hours to weeks long? How often do you use the lav, then?”

Elfimel ᗷ: “Oh, maybe once in three or four cycles if they are long, or correspondingly many more if they are short.”

Este: “That’s … not very often. I must ask an indelicate question: how long a visit is it, O greedy Elfimel?”

Elfimel ᗯ: “A very long one! I must walk to the center of Heaven, then to the toilet, produce my delightfully-perfumed fist-sized lump of solid by-product, and then walk to the center of Heaven and back to the chamber I started! Or, if everyone has moved on in the cycle, from there to the next one!”

Este: “One small lump of solid waste? That sounds less than all that food.”

Elfimel ᗿ: “Oh, it is, much less. If we were required to excrete as much as we ate, it would be quite a chore! In that case, we might well need more streams!”

Elfimel ᘞ: “Oh1 I know a thing! Offworlders sometimes produces liquids as well as solids. We do not! Instead, the excess liquids of our bodies are dripped out gently and slowly through our vast tails, where they produce the sweet and distinctive perfume that accompanies us always?”

Phaniet: “That scent is a waste product?” She had noted, several times, that Elfimel smell quite nice.

Elfimel ᘞ: “Yes!”

Phaniet: “I think your creator god did a very beautiful job on that aspect of your bodies!”

Who told you what is heresy? And what happens to heretics? If things suddenly changes so there was no heresy would you do new things?

Elfimel ᾂ: “Mircannis and Lenhirrik and Thefefy told us these things!”

Elfimel ᾃ: “Some of them at least! Mircannis herself told us we had no names and no need of names!”

Elfimel ᾄ: “Nobody needed to tell us the other ones! We figured them out ourselves!”

Elfimel ᾅ: “The offworlders helped though. Before the first visitors came, we didn’t even know about clothes. Now, we know that clothes are heresy for Elfimel! Isn’t that wonderful!”

Elfimel ᾄ: “Maybe you’ll teach us some new kinds of heresy too.”

Elfimel ᾂ: “Just what we need. More things we can’t do.” Elfimel rarely are bitter or ironic, but this one managed to be.

Elfimel ᾅ: “Pish, pish! Do not be so ungrateful! We have eternal life in a donut of joy! What are a few restrictions, compared to the endless joys of fruit and pyramids, flowers and fountains, and the love of your fellow Elfimel?”

Elfimel ᾂ: “Heaven is a beautiful world — the most beautiful world, by Thefefy! — but we have never seen another world. If it were not heresy to do so, I would like to see one, and thereby … hush, my sister, let me finish … thereby see by contrast how beautiful and perfect Heaven is.”

Elfimel ᾅ: “You have carefully phrased that to avoid any taint of heresy. Nonetheless I find it suspicious. It is orthodox, but it is not very orthodox, and as an Elfimel in good standing you really should be careful to be very orthodox.”

Elfimel ᾂ: “I am very, very orthodox. I have never said a word that Mircannis or Thefefy or anyone could possibly object to. You, however, are a lump of unripe fruit, an incompetent and glory-seeking player at games, a lover who cares more for her own pleasure than that of her partner. Why do you try to limit what we can do? Why do you beg the gods for more laws, and, when they do not answer us, invent your own? For I suspect it is you who who came up with the law about clothes!”

Elfimel ᾅ: “I seek to more deeply and wholly follow the wishes of Mircannis! She is our creator, do not forget that!”

Elfimel ᾂ: “She created us as she wished us to be! Whatever we do, that is following her wishes!”

Elfimel ᾅ: “And one of our greatest glories is working to understand her requirements! To follow her wishes bestmost! To obey her in all ways, even ways she has not yet asked for!”

Elfimel ᾂ: “If she had wanted something more from us, she would have asked for it! She has plenty of chance to talk to us! Whenever she wants she can talk to all of us, and we will attend every word!”

Elfimel ᾅ: “She has not seen fit to talk to us for 181,778 cycles! We are too heretical for her, too close to the edge of heresy! This causes her displeasure and distress, she does not come here! I think it is behavior and speech such as yours that keeps her off!”

Elfimel ᾂ: “You do not remember her properly! She did not give us anger rules or confusion rules! She explained everything to us in careful words, though we did not understand at the time! She does not give us stupids or mysteries!”

Elfimel ᾅ: “She did not, until the heresies we performed angered her and she left us until we could purge ourselves of them!”

Elfimel ᾂ: “When we come to Lights and Daggers, I will pick a dagger and I will loudly call, pyuc pyuc pyuc! Come fight me then, and we shall fight!”

Elfimel ᾅ: “I will!”

They glared and fumed at each other for a while, and then left, in different directions.

Is Thefefy a servitor of Mircannis or someone else?

Elfimel ᵶ: “Thefefy is a god!”

Elfimel ᵺ: “Thefefy is our only god who is still here!!”

[The last of the Elfimel interrogations. If you were glad of this bonus material, do something, and tell me what you did. -bb]

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