Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

‘Thropology Thursday: More Questions to Elfimel

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Has anyone ever fallen off the crystal bridge?

Elfimel ࿃: “No, I don’t think so.”

Elfimel ࿊: “Yes! 97,228 cycles ago, I fell off the crystal bridge. One of the tubes in my toes broke. It hurt for cycles and cycles!”

Elfimel ࿃: “Shows what I know!”

We’ve heard that everyone who comes here inevetably tries to kill you guys… What happens to them when they try?

Elfimel Ⴒ: “What? That is not a true thing that you have heard! Someone was giving you the joke when they did say that!” Some Elfimel use Common in less standard ways than others.

Elfimel Ⴛ: “Sometimes spiky creatures from elsewhere come and try to kill us.”

Querent: “What happens when they do?”

Elfimel Ⴛ: “We all get killed. It hurts! Then Thefefy reincarnates us.”

Querent: “Yes, but what happens to the killer?”

Elfimel Ⴛ: “Oh, I’m sure Thefefy kills them or drives them off. Thefefy is very brave and very strong.”

All available Elfimel: “Oh, we sing in honor of Thefefy / Thefefy is the subject of our song! / We sing in honor of Thefefy / For her sword is sharp and her stride is long! / We sing in honor of Thefefy / She is mighty, she is brave, she is not wrong!”

Can you willingly change your color to something you want, or does the color change randomly, or in sync with your mood?

Elfimel უ: “It’s random, I can’t control it at all.”

Elfimel ჭ: “You can’t? It’s the opposite with me!”

Elfimel უ: “You mean, you can control it?”

Elfimel ჭ: “I mean, I change my mood to match my color. It only seems right! Red is a sort of pensive happiness, yellow a floating euphoria, purple a spicy delight, orange a desire for immediate bodily pleasures! I say that my coloring is a sign from Mircannis about what I should be feeling, what I should be doing!” She was green at the time.

Elfimel უ: “She is not overly communicative by more direct media, anymore. It is certainly not a heresy that she is sending us such signals. How do you know which signals correspond with which moods?”

Elfimel ჭ: “From dreams, from watching flowers open and close, from the shimmers on top of the silver pyramids, from the flights of bubbles!”

Elfimel უ: “I didn’t know that.”

Elfimel ჭ: “I have been developing this theory for the last three hundred and eight cycles!”

Elfimel უ: “I have been dead for a lot of that. I must have missed when you talked about it”

Elfimel ჭ: “I only talked about it a few times. Nobody was very interested! I don’t think they believed me!”

Elfimel უ: “I am interested! I wish to hear more about it before I cannot find you any more!”

Elfimel ჭ: “If we separate before I can tell you — I shall meet you in the lower cave of the largest of the Golden Pyramids when the cycle first takes us there, and we shall eat of the sacred sandwiches, and I shall speak of my dreams and colors to all who come there.”

Elfimel უ: “By Mircannis, I shall be there! I love broccoli!”

So it seems that Elfimel can maintain relationships despite the anonymization of Heaven, if they want to. It’s purely voluntary, and, I guess, easy to screw up.

What happens if you go around the cycle in the wrong direction?

Elfimel ᄴ: “You get lost I think!”

Elfimel ᅑ: “I say it is heresy — heresy of the ickiest and most displungant sort!”

Elfimel ᅄ: “You get away from everyone else, and you’re all alone. Usually Elfimel don’t like to be alone, but sometimes I really, really want to be alone, so I do it.”

Elfimel ᅑ: “You, ma’am, are begging for a correction for your vile, vile heresy!”

Elfimel ᅄ: “Do not want!” She threw a large banana at Elfimel ᅑ, and darted off as fast as she could go. Elfimel ᅑ got up and started to chase her. Elfimel ᄴ jumped up as well, appearing to try to help in the chase, but trod on the tail of Elfimel ᅑ — Phaniet thinks, intentionally — and by the time they had disentangled each other, Elfimel ᅄ had escaped.

Phaniet: “What were you going to do to her?”

Elfimel ᅑ: “I would punch her until her muzzle breaks for her terrible heresy! That is not how an Elfimel should behave!”

Some time later, an Elfimel who probably was Elfimel ᄴ came to Phaniet alone, and told her that there were only a few Elfimel who were so violent in their opposition to heresy, and that we must not judge all Elfimel by them.

Why were the Elfimel created in that specific number/amount?

There are 896 Elfimel, according to the Elfimel themselves. Several of them have given the same number, and none have given a different one. Since the Elfimel seem to be excellent at remembering large numbers, we generally believe it. In any case, there are several hundreds of them; we cannot easily count them.

Elfimel Ꮌ: “Why, that number is a square of Elfimel, thirty rows of thirty Elfimel each.”

Phaniet: “Um … that’s nine hundred, and you said 896, didn’t you?”

Elfimel Ꮍ: “But when we were created, we were thirty rows of thirty Elfimel each. I remember it as if it were yesterday! Thirty by thirty — that is the number of us!”

Phaniet: “But that’s nine hundred…”

Elfimel Ꮗ: “No, no! The number of Elfimel is 896!”

Phaniet: “Not nine hundred?”

Elfimel Ꮘ: “Not nine hundred!”

Phaniet: “Did something happen to the other four of you?”

All the Elfimel ran away, scattering among the trees. It was quite a third of an hour before others — or the same ones? — came back, eager to chat more. About nearly any other topic.

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