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Questions to Elfimel, part 1

Mirrored from Sythyry.

There has been much interrogation of Elfimel. They are glad to answer questions. I don’t know if the answers are true, complete, representative, or anything. [OOC: These questions have been submitted by readers. I will post more answers later.]

What happened before the other visitors tried to kill you?

Elfimel ϡ: “They killed us!”

Elfimel ϙ: “They stabbed us through the everywhere with black spikes. They pierced our bones … our bones are not like your bones, they are more like wood or tubers, we are part vegetable in nature … and killed us.”

Elfimel ϡ: “It hurt! They don’t kill us the way that we kill each other. They make it hard and nasty!”

Elfimel ϙ: “Then Thefefy reincarnated us.”

Elfimel ϗ: “Well, she reincarned one of us each time, and that one had to start reincarnating everyone else. Once I was the one who got reincarnated first. It was so strange, being all alone for a while, and pregnant. And then I had only one companion, and I knew who she was because she was the only other one. Only after I had two more children and she had one did we even start to have much anonymity.”

Elfimel ϙ: “That sounds dreadful, terrible! I’ve never been that early on. Once I was the thirtieth one reincarnated. That was unnerving enough!”

Elfimel ϗ: “It was awful! Whenever my daughter and I disagree about something, we’d have to both know it, go back and argue it out several times. We couldn’t run away from anything! Once I tried to, but then I was back to being alone again in Thick Petals. I hate being alone in Thick Petals, it’s so lonely.”

What’s your favorite thing about the Weeping Room?

Elfimel ૠ: “Nothing. I never go there. “

Elfimel ભ: “I go there a lot! It makes me really good at the murder games!”

Elfimel ઢ: “Sometimes I’m just so angry at everyone. Like when I have a fight with someone and she runs away without doing anything to make me feel better, and then it happens again with someone who’s probably someone else, and then it happens again over something different … I just feel so mad and angry and upset. So I go drop a weight and break my leg. Then I lie there crying until my leg heals, and that’s usually enough feeling sorry for myself, so I can go back and rejoin everyone else.”

Would Any of the Elfimel want to join the crew of the Strayway?

Elfimel ஊ: “It sounds kind of interesting, going off to another world, seeing all those strange things like clothes and names for ourselves. All around, I mean, not like a few visitors coming here.”

Elfimel இ: “What? No! That is heretical! You must not wish that!”

Elfimel ஊ: “Oh, no! It is! I’m sorry! I don’t wish that! I don’t want to go anywhere else! Heaven has everything that is good for Elfimel! I will stay here and enjoy Heaven!”

Can Elfimel ever leave their heaven? If not, why? if yes, do they ever leave? if not, why?

Elfimel ௫: “Oh, no! We never leave! It would be horrible and heretical for us to go! We’d be so miserable without our flowers and fruits and baths and everything! And without each other!”

Elfimel ௬: “Also, Mircannis in her Wisdomness has built us a Heaven without doors, so there is no way out even if we wanted to go out.”

Elfimel ௫: “Which we don’t want to go out! Never, no! Not even to see strange things like clothes and names all around us! That would be very wrong! Anyone who said that before must have been just joking and not meant it!”

Do you deliberately try to act like each other to keep people from telling who is who?

Elfimel ซ: “Nobody can tell who is who.”

Elfimel ฆ: “That’s not true. I just spoke not too long ago to someone who said she was the first-born of one of the times when Thefefy reincarnated everyone … “

Elfimel ซ: “Right — that was me.”

Elfimel ฆ “I thought it might be. But our guests should know it’s very rude for us to ask — if we want to find out, we just hint a bit and maybe the other one will tell, if she wants to. Like she just did.”

Elfimel ต: “Actually, it was me.”

Elfimel ศ:Someone is surely lying now. So yes, we do try that trick now and then.”

Elfimel ต: “And we sometimes get in terrible fights about it! It wasn’t really me this time, but I could probably get that one very upset by insisting that it was me.”

What is your purpose? (a la “What is your quest?”)

Elfimel ๛: “We’re here to enjoy ourselves!”

Elfimel ๚: “I think we’re here to praise and magnify the gods.”

Elfimel ๙: “Except Thefefy. She doesn’t like it much. I think we’re here to shine … to show how wonderful and sweet Mircannis is, by living the best life ever possible that Mircannis created.”

Elfimel ๘: “I don’t think so. Nobody much can see us. We don’t get lots of visitors, and sometimes they just kill us all. I think we’re here to enjoy ourselves, like she (๛) said.”

Would you like some toast?

Elfimel ༅: “What an insane idea! Who could possibly want toast when she was in Large Fruits! Here, we eat fruit! The only time we could want toast is when we are in one of the Pyramids rooms! That is the proper time for the eating of heated bread with delicious things on it!”

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