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First Day, part 2 -- Cheese [1 Trandary 4261]

The Cheeses of Oorah Thrassen went tolerably well for an Orren student street performance. Strenata zoomed dramatically across the stage four times -- flying! With an Airador spell! Someone on the cast must be remarkably skillful for a student, or maybe some advanced student or professional sorcerer helped out. Spells to hoist a person a short distance are usually Corpador spells, flesh spells, but this was an Airador spell, a wind that blew her from left to right or right to left, and could just as easily have blown her from here to Oorah Thrassen. Nice work.

The acting was entirely adequate. Vompadro was overdone, as he should be, and his voice echoed as if he were shouting his lines from the bottom of a barrel. The duel scene was a fun bit of stagecraft -- the actors who weren't in that scene got into that scene by being cheese-racks, wearing blank wooden masks, and with a lot of imagination I could believe the duel was actually going on in the catacombs/cheese caverns. And in the end, when the great cheese fell on the doomed Vompadro, they arranged for Vompadro to be standing in a valley sort of thing made of painted cloth, and had the cheese roll over him half a dozen times back and forth.

Thery and Yarwain and I collected Seeks-Square-Stars Strenata, who was bubbling (and still trailing rings of light from a spell which will last for three hours more). She had just gotten her mummer's terches, and insisted on getting all of us lunch from the street vendors. Since it is First Day, everyone was selling plue and tarrissy with their usuals, so Strenata and I got sliced frozen fish on cold plue wrapped in a pungent leaf, and the Rassimel got plue-ish porridge with dried cherries and sweet mushrooms.

By which time the locals -- the Tailors' Guild, for this street -- had built their bonfire in the center of the street, piles of green herbs and tinder in a ring of logs, surrounded by nervous tailors wearing fantastical cloth-of-gold hats, holding water-spells and buckets of mud in case a spark got out. We joined the ringdance for a few minutes, long enough to toss the spoons and bowls from lunch into the fire. Seeks-Square-Stars was a bit exciteable, and flew across the fire trailing rings of light, and got scowls from many tailors. So we dragged her around a few corners to where the Marigold Society was putting on a puppet show about Lenhirrik and Poxague, with Yarwain holding her left arm and Thery holding her right arm and me sitting on her head and flapping feathery leathery wings in her eyes whenever she tried to fly. She bit my left rear foot, but not very hard.

It wasn't a very good puppet show, really, not compared to the Cheeses we had just seen or acted in. (For one thing, I don't think that Inihithre was actually planted solid with marigolds, and, although Lenhirrik is quite likely to emphasize the vegetable nature of all things when she is around, and sometimes does make flowers sprout in her path, I don't think they're all marigolds. Silly Rassimel florist fanatics.) Also Thery and Yarwain kept whispering that the pornographic scenes involving me were going to start any minute -- and no, it wasn't that kind of puppet show, it was a very ordinary street performance. Hmph.

Afterwards, Thery and Yarwain went to something or other at the Countess Gloun's city mansion, and Strenata went for a quick swim and a nap, and I came back home to scribble this and change to the light-green spangled ribbons, since I have them.

OOC: if I were to make a Sythyry web page, preferably one that's not a huge amount of work for me to maintain once projectmothra enters the next phase, what should I put on it?

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