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Prelude to the Afternoon of a Locador Demon [3 Consimbs 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

[OOC: This is the start of another major plot arc, or, if you like, part 3 of Sythyry's Vacation. In case you were counting or something. -bb]

Dear Sythyry,
I fear that the most promising avenues for the treatment of Feralan have been explored, and most of the medium-promising roads as well. What remains are either in the form of wandery and root-ridden deer trails with ominous beasts howling in the distance, or a few very grubby back alleys which may or may not be free of muggers. We could, of course, spend more time doing research and investigation, inspection and analysis, measurement and meditation. We could spend a full Rassimel lifetime on that, in fact, and perhaps a full Zi Ri one. However, the longer we delay, the more deeply intermingled Feralan and hCevian become. Therefore, I recommend that we declare an end to the research, and prepare for the spirisection.
With considerable affection mixed with considerable trepidation,

And Strayway is more or less repaired, and as well-defended as it’s likely to be any time soon. And my crew is all sick of Eigrach and Srineia.

So we’re going back to Ketheria. We’ll collect Feralan and Saza in Oorah Thrassen, and head over to Lenkasia, to use some equipment that one Professor Czirsnatch has generously agreed to let us use but not to move outside of Lenkasia.

A Farewell to Thenel

Me: “Tomorrow we are taking off for Ketheria, never to return.”

Thenel: “Never — truly, never?”

Me: “I have no plans to return, anyhow. Though I cannot say what future years may bring.” (Note to self: Be More Cryptic! This is barely adequate.)

Thenel: “Will I see Bluelark before she departs, do you think? I know the reason she has been scarce of late, but she stirs in me an intensity rarely matched.”

Me: “I suppose you might…”

Bluelark: “…But not for anything that we should not do.”

(We proceed to do some things that we should not do.)

((Though, at least, things that would simply get us a stern scowl from Rehit should he chance to walk in — which he could not do, since it was in a pocket universe with its own time-flow — rather than ones that would actually disrupt their ever-so-slowly-upcoming marriage.))

(((Still, I am better off being far from Thenel.)))

Bluelark: “Farewell, Thenel! Farewell forever!”

Thenel: “Alas! Bluelark, I shall remember you in moments of private erotic intensity!”

Bluelark: “One of which may well be coming as soon as I leave the room, if the topography of your unremoved and uninvaded trousers is any indication.” Sleethy? Oh, no, not me!

Thenel: “Do thou likewise! Promise me that thou wilst!”

Bluelark: “An easy enough promise!” Which he took as me making it — perhaps because of another kiss — but I didn’t actually do so. Nor do I promise to describe my own erotic moments in this journal: neither what I am doing in them, nor what I am thinking.

Both: “Eventually, final farewells!”

And that, alas, is the final end of that affair. I enjoyed his passion and his company. If there hadn’t been that regrettable same-species fiancé around, the matter would have gone quite differently…

Farewell to Rehit

And, of that regrettable same-species fiancé: several of us took luncheon with him today.

Rehit: “Well, I must say, it has been both an interesting and an educational time for me.”

Me: “How so?”

Rehit: “If I may speak frankly, I have never been quite so socially involved with the transaffectionate before. They are scarce in Eigrach, and, I believe, quite furtive. I doubt I know any.” I hope it is a long, long time before he loses this particular illusion. “But I have, I think, learned to respect you. You two, Jyondre and Yerenthax, are as mighty and capable a pair of heroes as any in Eigrach, and I am sorry that our stipend is not sufficient to keep you here.”

Yerenthax: “Ah! But we seek adventure — excitement — drama!”

Jyondre: “Blood and glory!”

Yerenthax: “New branches!”

Jyondre: “Nay, whole new worlds!”

Yerenthax: “Nor do we expect to live long enough to get much good from the stipend.”

Jyondre: “We don’t?”

Yerenthax: “We don’t!”

Jyondre: “I think we are going to need to have Another Little Discussion about this topic!”

Me: “In any case: you have been quite generous with time and effort and official intervention on our behalf, especially considering that we are foreigners and deviants. I quite intensely hope that we have been tolerably generous with you in exchange, and that whatever accidental trespasses we have made against you have small doom and are easily mended.” I hope he doesn’t find out why I worded it that way, too.

Rehit: “I’m sure there is nothing worth noting! In any case, I am quite happy indeed with Festina Lente; she is a wonderful and mighty sword, and I have found her of great use already.”

Me: “May she serve you well forever!”

Everyone: “Assorted additional farewells.”

A Farewell to Bwipin and Mmixamk

Bwipin: “Goodbye, blast it!”

Us: “Goodbye!”

Which is to say, our relationship with the administration of Eigrach has never quite recovered from the thumbscrews.

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