Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Traff Research Program, 2 [various times in Chirreb 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.


Me: “Kantele? Do you ever wish you’d been involved with another Rassimel?”

Kantele: “No.”

Me: “Just asking…”

Kantele: “I regret nothing that I have done. This is important to me. I wish to continue to regret nothing for whatever few years are left to me.”

I rather slunk out of the room, hiding under couches on the way. It’s not just Cani.


Me: “Umbers? How do you feel about Herethroy? Sexually, I mean.”

Umbers: “We discussed this already.”

Me: “We did?”

Umbers: “I am particularly attracted to both-females. Not a terribly popular attitude, but there you go.”

Me: “Oh, right.”

Umbers: “I’m not what you call traff though. I’m what you call a libertine. I’ll do anybody for the right price … or I would have done, before I came here.”

Me: “Well, I’m more wondering what you do of your own free will.”

Umbers: “I hear we’ve got a lover in common nowadays.”

So the conversation degenerated into saying nice things about Arfaen, and me being confused whether Arfaen’s swearing off Herethroy includes Umbers or not.


Me: “Hi, Este… could I ask a personal question?”

Este: “Yeah, the one about ‘do you like Rassimel’, right?”

Me: “Yes … how do you know?”

Este: “You already bugged Phaniet, she warned me.”

Me: “So…?”

Este: “I used to date Rassies. That was good. Now I’m ~married~ to Phaniet. That’s better.”

Me: “Wow, a definite answer. Thank you!”

Este: “Sure thing, boss.”


Me: “Inconnu? Are you ever interested in Orren?”

Inconnu: “Me? No! No, never, no! No, no way, not a chance, no way, no! No, impossible, I am offended, impossible, no!”

Me: “Really?”

Inconnu pranced out of the parlor, tail lashing angrily behind him. He knocked over an ottoman on the way out.

Within the hour, Inconnu and Arfaen snuck up on me, grabbed one of my legs in each of their hands, and carried me off to one of the more lockable parlors, and did Unspeakable Things to and with me. One of these Unspeakable Things involved jellied crabmeat. The others did not.

Which pretty much ended the research program, or started another one, depending on how one counts these things.


  1. I’m definitely traff.
  2. If I admit “libertine” as a category, I am getting a bit close to that, too.
  3. Nobody on Strayway wants to explain their personal amatory choices to me.
  4. Probably being very vocal about my prior theory, and making it the official theory of Castle Wrong, was somewhat of a mistake.
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