Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Traff Research Program, 1 [various times in Chirreb 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

I attempted to conduct investigations on my current theoretical hobbyhorse topic of interest. Being a wizard — and hence subtle and quick to anger — I approached the matter with great and terrible subtlety.


Me: “What do you think of Cani?”

Phaniet: “I think I am one. Why do you ask?”

Me: “I mean, would you ever, well, sleep with one?”

Phaniet: “Sythyry! If you want me gone, just say, ‘Phaniet, be gone!’ and I will go! You do not need to look for ideological excuses to get rid of me! Tossing me out of Castle Wrong on some stupid trumped-up accusation would be twice as painful as an honest dismissal! Great staring gods, though, what have I done to tick you off? Haven’t I been a good assistant, capable and independent and loyal when that was needed, quiet and obedient when that was?”

Me: “You’ve been pretty much perfect, and I want you to stay!”

Phaniet: “Then why … oh, great staring gods. You and Sazandigraa?

Me: “Well, yes, me and Sazandigraa.”

Phaniet: “So Castle Wrong is turning into Castle Right, now? That’s horrible, that’s evil, that’s … “

Me: “Not what I’m doing at all. I’m just trying to broaden the definition of traff that we use so it includes, um, me. Since I like non-Zi-Ri just as much as I ever did.”

Phaniet was dubious.

Phaniet: “I am dubious!”

I showed her various theoretical musings, of my own and various correspondants. She read them, tail twitching Sleethishly.

Phaniet: “You’re a better enchanter than you are a sociological theoretician, boss.”

Me: “That’s probably true.”

Phaniet: “So what’s this going to mean in practical terms?”

Me: “In practical terms, I think I need to apologize to Tarfnie.”

Phaniet: “Tarfnie is a shit-sheep, and as vicious as a Sleeth and twice as dangerous. If he comes back, I am giving Este a big pile of the nastiest bound spells I can cast.” Phaniet was not fond of Tarfnie, perhaps because he had cracked Este’s skull when Este tried to break up a fight.

Me: “Not that big an apology. I don’t imagine he’d want to come back in any case. What I mean is, no changes for the current Wrongfolk. I might be a bit more broad-minded about people who I once would have disapproved of on ideological grounds.”

Phaniet: “Oh, if that’s all, it’s OK. But I don’t really like having an official ideology of transaffection or any such thing.”

Me: “It’s less of an ideology than before! I’m just trying to understand it a bit better!”

Phaniet: “I like the first half of that.”

Me: “And, speaking of this ‘like’ of which you speak, do you like Cani?”

Phaniet: “I like Este, a Rassimel, and Mellilot, a Herethroy. Anyone else attempting to get between my legs has to undergo a lengthy and careful screening process, including but certainly not limited to an investigation of just what species they are. I am quite fussy about just whom I play with … fussier than you are, in fact.

Me: “Is that a yes or a no?”

Phaniet: “It’s a ‘I won’t tell you, but you can find out when you smell them on me.’”

Me: “I can’t smell that well.”

Phaniet: “No? You’re certainly being nosy enough today.”

And that is all I got out of her on that topic.


Me: “Arfaen? Could you tell me how attracted you are by the eight prime species, one by one?”

Arfaen: “Sure thing! Gormoror: medium. Khtsoyis: low but I’d like to try once. Herethroy: None for now, please, I’m not over the last one. Orren: Yummy! Rassimel: medium. Sleeth: I’m a bit scared. Zi Ri: … c’mon over here, you.”

Me: “I didn’t mean that as a pass at you! Really!”

Arfaen: “Nobody asks a question like that and doesn’t mean it as a pass. Not smelling the way you do anyhow!”

Me: “How do I smell?”

Arfaen: “Nervous and excited. Like ‘c’mon over here, you’ is the right answer to your first question. So, are we going to somewhere private?”

Me: “Um … well … yes …”

And the discussion diverged into a brief theoretical discussion of another sort. Arfaen and I are officially good friends and members of the same household who have shared adventures and troubles, and who should not be shy about sharing beds and bodies, but who have no greater claim on each other than that. (I think that “member of the same household” could also be translated as “married, but not very married”, for a Cani who is trying to simulate a traditional Cani marriage with a pile of non-Cani.) Arfaen is absolutely not willing to have any sort of committed relationship with a single person, though I understand that the Castle Wrong community serves her somewhat as a diffuse replacement for a longhouse, meaning that she is emotionally capable of playing with any of them. Also, perhaps, incapable of not playing with any of them; see previous entries about her ability to keep her pants on. (I have distinctly no grounds for complaint about this point.)

And, on the original question, I don’t know if that includes the other Cani or not. She never answered that.

Neither did Phaniet. Cani always outmaneuver you socially.

So I asked some non-Cani.

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