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First Day, part 2 - Morning [1 Trandary 4261]

Much running around getting dressed! For me it is not so complicated: ribbons (the orange-and-white spangled ones I bought yesterday), a lace collar, paste jewels attached to horns and tailtip. It is officially springtime! I do not have to wrap myself in strips of fur today! The spirits of weather have had a good two hours or more to remove all the coldnesses from the air! (It sometimes takes them that long -- last year they got the air temperature right, but left a snowstorm going through midafternoon. Probably on purpose.)

Havune and Dubaille have much more work to do for their dressing, especially since Cani costuming for the day assumes that there are more people around to help -- unwounded people! -- and his fiances are not coming 'til somewhat later. He may have asked Dubaille for a hand, for Dubaille and he were speaking to each other in angry tones when I left the apartment. I am not entirely delighted with either of them just now.

Thery and Yarwain, nice reliable Rassimel, were ready when I got there, and it was entirely unnecessary for me to hover underneath the window and scratch on it without looking. A very amused Thery put a fish dumpling between my horns while I still had my eyes closed -- they were eating breakfast, fully clothed, in the bedroom. I did abduct the dumpling and two others.

We descended to the street, where we found many many Herethroy children getting their sickness of candied cabbage, sprawled all over the battered boardwalks. I didn't realize how many Herethroy lived in town: a great many, it seems, at least in this quarter.

Everyone was out in their finery. It's usually easy enough to tell who is a student and who is not, but today it's extremely easy indeed. Students have money to spare on clothes -- or, more likely, have family or patrons who make sure that they are thoroughly and extensively dressed for these occasions, and for other court occasions. Non-students in this neighborhood have ribbons that were worn before, or that were torn from colored cloth, or such as that.

Over between a leatherworker's shop and a tenement, there used to be a raised section of boardwalk -- they say that, long ago, there was a garden of fungi under it, and the locals built the boardwalk high so they could climb under it and pick food. The garden is long gone, but the boardwalk is still high. Until this morning, when a gang of students confiscated it and surrounded it with thick fog. I am surprised at the fog, since many of the students are Orren and the fog looks wet enough to turn them into otters.

But a great big painted paper Khtsoyis was just raised out of the fog on a pole, and waved about, and made to shout "The Cheeses of Oorah Thrassen" will start in one minute, wherefore be silently seated, all who will." So it's about time to stop writing and acquire a companionable perch on Thery's shoulder.

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