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Love Letters [25 Lage - 10 Chirreb, 4385]

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[OOC: I'm out of town this week, but by the magic of Beetiger's Wordpress, I get to post things on schedule anyhow! I may respond as much as usual, or less, depending on RL computer accomodations. -bb]

A single leaf came from Oorah Thrassen, with many paragraphs written upon it in the tiniest of letters. Upon magnification, a full missive was revealed. I am impressed at Saza’s command of the small, and at the effort (presumably magical) zie took to inscribe a single leaf. I cannot do the same! Not yet, anyhow.

Dearest Sythyry,

There are minor technical developments in the case of Feralan and hCevian, which are some three parts discouraging and one part encouraging. The good news is that we should probably be able to provide each of the two with a working and separate soul. The bad news is, some parts of the soul will not be from the original of that person’s soul; they will be carved off of the other’s soul. There are many technical issues to work out, and choices to be made about precisely which part of the demon’s soul would be least troublesome for Feralan. And of course we might yet dredge up some better solution; research continues apace.

Less important to the sense of potential devastation to your poor client’s life, but, perhaps, close enough to your heart and mine is the matter of what passed between us on the last night of your last visit. It is no great matter to me, and you may make of it what you will. I have had a thousand lovers of a single night only, and, if that is all I have with you, you will not be numbered among the six that I wish I had not done, nor the sixty that whose memory gives me a twinge of shame. I gather that it is not the same with you, for you are more guarded with your intimacies than I am, and in particular not used to other Zi Ri. Or to our sometimes-casual, sometimes-intense expressions of physical pleasure and affection — even I am at a loss sometimes whether it’s an hour’s recreation, or the prelude to a lifetime of occasional devotion and love. At times the matter becomes clearer with conversation, and at times it does not…

In any case, you seemed to me to be more ‘rattled’ than ‘languid’ the morning when you left. I would unrattle you, coz, if I can. If you wish, we need never speak of this event again, to each other or anyone else; you may leave it as a single solitary unsuccessful experiment in cisaffection in a lifetime otherwise devoted to transaffection.

I must say, though, that I remember a blue-feathered face in a halo of arkenwood flames, smiling up at me, and I smile back at the memory of the face.

I do ask one favor of you: I would like to ask you to join with me again. I know that you might not appreciate the offer. So my favor is this: when you have decided whether or not I may ask again, please tell me which it is.

With a suitable cousinly love, not greatly different now than it was a hundred years ago or than it shall be in a hundred years,
I remain,
Your coz,

And that is very sweet of zir. I think.

Lacking Saza’s fine pen, and lacking zir experience and eloquence with love letters, I simply replied:

Dear coz, The report on Feralan is bad, of course, but not the worst that the situation could provide; I eagerly await more news, and hope for the best or at least the better. Of the other matter: I was rattled; I remain rattled; I shall be rattled for some time to come. I hold you blameless, and, indeed, delectable. Alas, I find that I am uncertain of my own essential nature just now, and spending many spare moments in theoretical contemplation thereof. You may ask, but I must apologize in advance if the very topic reduces me to a flutter of fainting fantods, or at least, I think I am likely to say “not this year”. If I come to any more definitive understanding thereof, you shall be the first to know. In the meanwhile, do keep it private.
With a great deal of confused affection,
your coz,

Oh, and by “I simply replied” I mean “I created a pocket universe with a pocket time-flow and spent nearly a day and a half thrashing around and biting my tail over whether I really wanted to leave open the possibility of having a cisaffectionate relationship beyond simply a cisaffectionate moment of weakness. But you knew that, I think.

Which got the answer:

Dearest Sythyry,
I detect a note of panic in your note. I shall not press the matter!

Which, after some other panic, compelled me to write:

The manners and customs of the cisaffectionate, I do not understand. Did you just break up with me?

Which was answered by:

Dearest Sythyry,
Not in the slightest! I merely employ our standard tactic in times of perplexity or distress — and I believe this is both, for you — of waiting a few decades to see if the problem goes away. If you resolve the matter to your own satisfaction, please let me know, and I shall be delighted to share a fireplace with you at any time our elsewise-complicated lives permit. This is not a wholly unfamiliar topic. My regular relationships all took between twenty and fifty years to settle down.
With considerable affection and considerable patience,

So any doom here is entirely my own fault.

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