Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Frenzied Rush Off Strayway [6 Chirreb 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Nangbang: “I was here for the wedding! I’ll be going home soon enough.”

Phaniet: “Wait. Are you trying to get rid of me?”

Me: “No.”

Phaniet: “‘Cause I’d bark until your feathers turn purple if you try!”

Me: “I’m not trying. I’m more thinking of Quendry, say, who’s already been killed more times by worse weapons than any child should suffer…”

Grinwipey: “What kind of perflipping weapons should children be killed with, featherhead? Small cute brightly-colored warclubs?”

Me: “…, and whose safety I cannot guarantee any more. Actually I never could.”

Arfaen: “Are you trying to send me away? What, because I slept with you? Or because I dared to sleep with other people before and after?”

Me: “Not hardly! I’m giving you the choice, if you want to protect yourself and your son.”

Arfaen: “We are Cani! We are loyal! We will stay by your side until the bitter, doomful end! And visit lots of interesting exotic places on the way!”

Nalche: “Speak for yourself. Not that I’m going anywhere — I just got here on Strayway, and glad of it.” (She’s already fitting in, I suppose.)

Me: “You would arguably serve me better if you went to Vheshrame and didn’t require so much of my attention to fix the trouble poor Quendry gets into.”

Arfaen: “Through no fault of his own!”

Vae: “The through all fault of mine!”

Arfaen: “I’ll go if you order me to! But I won’t be happy about it! I’ll resent it with both hands and both feet!”

Quendry: “Me too! Me too!”

Me: “I’m not ordering anyone to leave…”

Phaniet: “Except Zascalle and Thiane!”

Me: “Well, they’re already gone. I’m letting anyone go who wants to. You’ll go back to Castle Wrong in nice comfortable Vheshrame, and I’ll rejoin you in a year or two. I won’t think the worse of you if you do, I’ll think that you’re one fewer hostage to fate I’m keeping around me. “

Vae: “Hostage to me…”

Inconnu: “I’m not leaving ’til I get your zing-fanny-del in my pozzip!”

Me: [blushing with all my feathers] “And ’til your lessons with Grinwipey are complete?”

Grinwipey: “Hey, I dunno what he’s talking about, I didn’t teach him that kind of language.”

Me: “Anyways. Mellilot. You’ve wanted to escape for a while.”

Mellilot: “I did, yes, but now let me talk to Phaniet and Este about it some.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Mellilot: “Wait, exactly.”

Me: “Really. I don’t think Strayway is very safe, and anyone who’s the least bit sensible should get off of it.”

Blenny: “I, home, back.”

Me: “Blenny hereby proves herself the most sensible person on Strayway.”

Jyondre: “I don’t need to go home. I am home.”

Me: “I thought home sort of disowned you. Or do you mean, all of Srineia?” Jyondre being our token Srineian native. Well, except for Nalche, now, I suppose.

Jyondre: “Home is with Yerenthax. The rest of you are good too.”

Yerenthax: “And we certainly are not leaving. Being here gives us glory! It stretches our muscles and our mageria! It makes us become mighty, and gives us deeds worthy of songs!”

Phaniet: “Think you’re the only one who gets adventurer-style learning from hanging around with a nendrai all the time, boss? It gave you a seven-century boost to your career. I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself.”

Me: “Or die trying.”

Phaniet: “Or die trying. It’s worth the gamble for me.”

Inconnu: “Me too! Me too!”

Me: “I can’t argue with Phaniet, but … Inconnu?”

Inconnu: “What, do you think I want to trade on my delicious good looks and wonderful-in-bed forever? Think again, Honored Zi Ri! Think again!”

Me: “Well, all right, then. Are you all a bunch of adventurers?”

Calla: “I’m not. I would like to go back home too.”

Me: “I will miss your cooking, but I think you deserve a chance to survive. Anyone else?”

Rheng: “I return to Vheshrame, where there is more to steal and fewer nendrai!”

Me: “That’s fine. We’ll figure out what I owe you for this part … Kantele?”

Kantele: “I’m not leaving! I’m not leaving Strayway, I mean. I rather wish we would leave Srineia already”

Me: “Oh, good. But, lacking a Zascalle, can you figure out what we owe Rheng?”

Kantele: “A knot in his tail!”

Rheng: “No such thing! I am the Thief Supreme, I am a gem unto this expedition!”

Kantele: “Except when you get bored. Then you’re doom.”

Me: “I thought Vae and I took care of providing plentiful doom for everyone.”

Jyondre: “Doom and good food. Can’t beat it!”

Me: “Vae, do something awful to scare everyone to safety, please.” Unwise, but I was somewhat desperate.

Vae: (produces a truly prodigious belch)

Nobody: (decides decides to flee)

Nearly Everybody: “We knew what we were getting into when we came along. We wanted to then. We still want to.”

Me: “Um … right, then.”

Phaniet: “Only, could we please be done with Srineia? It’s troublesome here, and uncomfortable for traff-folk, and we’ve already seen everything interesting in the city.”

Jyondre: “I’m from here, and I’m bored of it.”

Kantele: “If we’re going to travel, let us travel.”

Me: “Noted. Not ’til the skyboat’s fixed, and ’til we’re better-armed.”

So I tried to do right for my friends, but my friends are all crazy (except for Blenny, Calla, and Rheng.) I suppose I should not be too surprised by that. They are my friends, after all.

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