Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC -- Buy Things!

beetiger comes strolling in, wearing a big blue hat with a piece
of paper marked "Goddess of Selling Stuff", in purple ink.~

Hi, friends of sythyry!

We're making room for the new arrival, so it's time for a book sale. Learn more
about Sythyry's world, and maybe go ahead and learn how to be an attractive
but frustrating Orren yourself.

In this special offer, you'll get:

-A copy of World Tree: a role playing game of species and civilization, signed
and inscribed to you personally by both authors (and by Sythyry and/or Floosh
if you like!).

-A copy of Padwolf Presents, a catazine which includes, "The Right Tool for
the Job", a short World Tree adventure story.

-A World Tree promotional badge and a Sythyry promotional badge.

All for the amazing price of $35 including shipping within the continental US.

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