Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Admonition of Lithia [23 Lage 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Me: “You never told Treacle-Eyes that you’re a shifter hybrid.”

Lithia: “No.”

Me: “She knows, though.”

Lithia: “Not officially! We discussed it as much as we could without actually mentioning it. For her own safety, of course.”

Me: “And you think that not knowing officially will somehow shield her from the public opprobium?”

Lithia: “It might, if she plays it right. She’d like that a lot. I know you’re all about the traff … “ (I have not yet told anyone of my cissy encounter; it is too shameful) “… but Treacle-Eyes and I aren’t very political about it.”

Me: “The politics are not really that important.”

Lithia: “It might shield me from the public opprobium too, at least for so long as I manage to fool people.”

Me: “It might get you lynched when they find out.”

Lithia: [shrugging helplessly] “There’s only so much a lynch mob can do to me. Chop ten years off my life, maybe. They can hardly hurt me more than I already get hurt every hour.”

Me: “True. Still, that gives me an idea for a wedding present: an escape teleporter, probably with a Heal the Awful Wound secondary power.”

Lithia: “That’s a big present!”

Me: “You’re my little girl. Even if you’re actually old enough to get married.”

After I pried her off of me — it is somewhat disconcerting being hugged by someone who looks and feels like an Orren, but, if you know what to look for, is actually a Rassimel — we continued.

Me: “What do you think of your chances of successfully fooling everyone for ten years or so?”

Lithia: “I figure I get a year or two here with her pretty safe, and then we get to start again in Ketheria somewhere. Oorah Thrassen would have been good but Zascalle spoiled it. If the masquerade doesn’t work, we’ll go live in Castle Wrong, and Treacle-Eyes’ reputation is ruined. Or I dump her, I go die in Castle Wrong, and she goes somewhere else and tries to live it down.”

Me: “That’s pretty realistic. Care to summarize?”

Lithia: “Yeah. My chances of pulling this off are better than my chances of living to age forty-five, but not a whole lot.”

Me: “Still think it’s a good idea?”

Lithia: “Got any better ones? I get a chance to be married and pretend to be a regular normal person for a while. Treacle-Eyes, who is crazy enough to be willing to marry me, gets as good an escape route from the shame of marrying me as we can arrange. It’s this, or something that’s not really any better, or I get to be a child for my remaining less-than-twenty-five-hundred days.”

Me: “I suppose I haven’t talked you out of it, have I?”

Lithia: “No, feathermom, that you have not.”

Me: “Nangbang may talk Treacle-Eyes out of it.”

Lithia: “If he does, I’m going to cry a lot, and then see what I can come with for another marriage. Do you think I’ll dredge up anything that makes any more sense?”

Me: “No…”

Lithia: “I’m sorry if I’m inconvenient, trying to be an adult and all. I’ll be out of your feathers soon enough.”

Me: “Not that at all! I am not looking forward to your death!”

Lithia: “Of course not. And I’m a Herethroy, and probably the Duke of Pennypell as well.”

Me: “If I weren’t glad to deal with you, I would have left you in Vheshrame with your mother!”

Lithia: “The way you left Blenny in Vheshrame?”

Me: “Blenny I felt responsible for.”

Lithia: “Me you feel responsible for.”

Me: “I don’t call Blenny my daughter, or even ~daughter~.”

Lithia: “Ach, I concede the point. You’re never ignoring me, even when I wish you would. I’ll stop playing with your leash. On one condition.”

Me: “Which would be?”

Lithia: “Stop trying to persuade me not to marry Treacle-Eyes.”

Me: “I suppose I have seen it to be hopeless, anyhow, so I will stop.”

Lithia: “Good.”

Me: “And what sort of wedding will you have, and how can I help make it sweet?” Rather inevitable.

Lithia: “A masque. Inconnu, Jyondre, and Tingula are composing it.”

Me: “I shall discuss matters with them! And give you my blessing. Oh … did you tell your mother about it?”

Lithia: “I suppose I ought to send her a note. She’ll be relieved to have yet another person between her and responsibility about me.”

Me: “Even if she can’t deny her ultimate responsibility.”

Lithia: “Much as she’d like to.” She entangled me in fuzzy arms. “I’m glad you’ve taken her place mostly, feathermom.”"

I was glad I had, too, and not just for Lithia’s sake.

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