Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Back to Eigrach [23 Lage 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Travel Games

The farewell was somewhat before dawn — for the routine reason of optimizing cley; Nangbang and I started the trip with most of yesterdays, and got today’s some distance in to the trip. This would have been convenient if we had had a disaster early in the morning, and one later in the afternoon, which we didn’t but we might have done.

Saza gave me a very nice sendoff, full of bubbly Sazandigraandical affection and cozzes and cozzing and all, and assurances that the pile of problems I dumped into zir capacious and capable wings and heart will be taken care of wonderfully well. I don’t think I quite managed to be properly delightful back to zir myself, but zie had noticed my general confusion in the whole matter and … forgave me? decided I was utterly not worth bothering with? didn’t fret about it? I have no idea.

(Do I have a relationship with Saza beyond ‘coz’? If so, what on wood is it? This is not a simple matter like my possible relationship with Arfaen, which will be irrelevant in a few decades. This is permanent. I am not used to that. It is intimidating.)

The trip back home was all fairly straightforward. Except for the part where we took a rest on a branch that a jack o’hooks was also taking a rest on. We harmed it with flames and disintegrations until most of it swung off in search of less prickly food.

I continued to play “Traff or Cissy” with myself. Some particularly good gambits in this game include:

  1. Replaying various particular incidents with Saza and observing that, yes, indeed, I get squirmy from thinking of them.
  2. Replaying various particular incidents with Mynthë, Arfaen, and Thenel, and observing that, yes, indeed, I get squirmy from thinking of them.
  3. Then it is time for confusion!
  4. Then I glance surriptitiously at the Orren I am conveniently carrying, and note that I continue to be squirmy.
  5. Then it is time for more confusion! Mixed with the distressing conclusion that I am probably just a hopeless, loveless libertine and that is that.

Then, with luck, we encounter a deadly monster and have to do some work to evade it or drive it off or something, and I can blame any signs of excitement on, well, excitement.

Hero’s Welcome

Everyone: “Yay, Sythyry’s back!”

Me: “Yay, I’m home!”

Everyone: “How did it go?”

Me: “Did you not get my letter?”

Everyone: “No, for you forgot to send it — see, it is sitting on your desk in Vheshrame!” (They did not actually say this, perhaps because they did not actually see it (due to it still being sitting on my desk in Vheshrame), but more likely because they were simply being polite.)

Me: “Oh. So it is.” (I’m sure it is, and I will find it there when we finally get back home.)

Everyone: “So how did it go?”

Me: “As well as I could possibly have expected, and thus I provide considerable details about all the matters that do not involve my more personal organs! However, as nobody expected me to do anything with them anyways, the omission is probably not noticed by anyone… though Phaniet (a Cani who knows me very well indeed) and Arfaen (a Cani who recently shared those organs) surely knew something was incomplete.”

Everyone: “Yay! The mighty wizard beat up two nearly-powerless accountants and their children! Yay!” (A more accurate translation might be, “Yay! Sythyry got zir money back, and can pay for us some more! Also, we don’t have to deal with our friends who betrayed us! Also, the kids are in good paws! Also, Castle Wrong isn’t exploding, for when we go home again! Also, Sythyry’s back to keep an eye on the nendrai!”)

Villain’s Welcome

Nangbang: “Hello, my dear daughter!”

Treacle-Eyes: “Father? Here?”

Nangbang: “Thanks to far too much teleportation, and a newly-acquired taste for tincture of elstromizarde, yes, I am here!”

Treacle-Eyes: “What? Why are you here?”

Nangbang: “I heard you were getting married!”

Treacle-Eyes: “Yes! To an Orren!”

Nangbang: “A marriage with an Orren would certainly please me.”

Treacle-Eyes: “Then be pleased! Be pleased out of your sklimpering skull!”

Nangbang: “Well, there are a few things remaining to discuss before I am quite ready to do that.”

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