Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Life In Oorah Thrassen: Bollybraa Longhouse [22 Lage 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

I went to visit Ochirion and Feralan at Bollybraa, where Cluthe and her family was taking care of them. In brief, they are reasonably happy, or very happy considering the circumstances. In the last few days, they have not been killed, told they were guilty of tremendous crimes, infested with alien angels, or anything worse than losing several consecutive games of The Serpent in the Vortex.

Me: “How are you enjoying Bollybraa Longhouse, Ochirion, Feralan?”

Ochirion: “Good.”

Feralan: “It’s very strange. Nobody is traff here.”

Me: “Well, not so many people are traff anywhere really. You grew up in one of the few places where traff people go to live well.”

Feralan: “Do I have to be traff, since I grew up in Castle Wrong?”

Me: “You are allowed to, but you do not need to. It is your choice, when you are old enough to make it.”

Feralan: “I’m half an elemental though. Doesn’t that make me traff no matter what I do?”

Me: “We should get you back to two separate people soon. Saza’s got lots of good ideas.”

Feralan: “Please, please. I can’t remember how to slide on an equidistant curve anymore. I’m all stuck!”

Me: “You have my apology, and Vae’s, for what she did to both of you. I have got an excellent wizard working on it.”

Feralan: “It’s an experience adventure! A confusing sticky flat one.”

Me: “What are you called? Not Feralan, the other one.”

Locador demon: “hCevian.” [Which you may read as 'Hyperbolic cevian' if you like -bb]

Me: “I’m glad to meet you, hCevian, though I would have preferred to meet under more pleasant social circumstances.”

hCevian: “I’m starting to understand what that means. It scares me … I shouldn’t be allowed to understand things like that, should I?”

Me: “Why not? Is there a problem with understanding?”

hCevian: “If I understand someone too well, I can’t hurt them. Then I’m defenseless and have to run away.” (Which sounds like a good thing to me, I must confess. In any case, the Locador demon is getting just as infected with pleasant Rassimel boy as the pleasant Rassimel boy is with Locador demon. This appeals to my sense of symmetry. It does not appeal to my sense of taking good care of people I’m responsible for.)

Me: “We’ll do what we can, for both of you.”

We discussed the food.

Me: “What are you eating here?”

Feralan: “Meat! Lots and lots of meat!”

Ochirion: “They knew we’re Rassimel, so they got dried grapes and dried prens and dried consimmons and dried apricots and dried melon slices and dried looberties and dried pears! I got sick from eating too much dried fruit!”

Feralan: “And they like spicy sauces here. And sauces made out of roasted nuts and fishes.”

Me: “That sounds good!”

Ochirion: “It’s good and delicious and yummy and good! I got a belly ache from eating too much.”

We discussed distant friends.

Me: “Is there anything you want me to tell people on Strayway?”

Ochirion: “Tell Quendry I said hello! And I said bloop-boop poop!”

Feralan: “Tell them I’ll teleport over to visit when I get free.”

Me: “Feralan…? “

Feralan: “I think that was hCevian thinking it was me, maybe. I’m scared.”

Me: “What are you scared of?”

Feralan: “Traveling. Bad things happen when I travel, like pirates trying to rape Arfaen, or me getting killed and glued up with hCevian. Can I stay here a long time?”

Me: “You can stay here a long time.”

We discussed parental sorts of things (with Cluthe, not with the children).

Me: “Did they see their mothers?”

Cluthe: “Just once so far, though the next time is later this afternoon for an hour. I stayed with them, to keep an ear out just in case don’t you know. Feralan said something very bitter to Zascalle, and she just sat away from the children and scowled after that. The Cani read a few books with them. My books, don’t you know, nothing dangerous. Seemed pretty harmless a visit. Just two-thirds of an hour.”

We discussed Feralan.

Me: “How is Feralan doing?”

Cluthe: “Sometimes he is very strange, sometimes he is not very strange. It’s very hard to say.”

We discussed Ochirion.

Me: “How is Ochirion doing?”

Cluthe: “Sad, often, which is just as you’d expect. Not unduly sad, and he can find interest and happiness in things around him.”

We discussed Zascalle and Thiane.

Me: “What do they feel about Zascalle and Thiane?”

Cluthe: “I don’t quite know for sure. Zascalle scared them out the dabombo, wouldn’t you know it? She was getting all that strange and frantic way that Rassies sometimes get when their obsessions go all tight. Then she scared them more when you had your duel in the gazebo. Ochirion is just confused. Feralan understands what she did… I think hCevian explained it to him. He’s very angry at her.”

Me: “Pity. I was hoping to spare them that, if I could. How about Thiane?”

Cluthe: “They were glad to be with Thiane. They aren’t scared of her.”

We discussed me.

Me: “Have they talked about me, and their friends on Strayway?”

Cluthe: “They think you rescued them, more or less. Zascalle tried to tell them how horrible you were and how you’d kill them if you found them, and then you didn’t. Feralan and hCevian have all their hope in you now, you and Saza. Also they miss several people on Strayway.”

Me: “I’ll have them write, at least, if I can.”

Cluthe: “I imagine they’d take that as a kindness.”


Back to doom next time, really

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