Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC -- Bribe-day special!

rowyn  bribed me to post an extra Sythyry this week.    There are several ways to bribe me.  She's doing it by fiction.  She's started delight_in_wt , an in-character World Tree journal of the granddaughter of Ysgwyd and Delframber from Sythyry's Journal.    The two characters do know each other, but their stories and social circles are pretty much separate.  Anyways, rowyn is a delightful writer, and I recommend her journal a lot for a very Orreny take on World Tree.

And, while I'm recommending journals, I finally decided to catch up on heavenscalyx 's Wonder City Stories.  They're wonderful!  They're set in a superhero reality, and concern normal people, superheroes, ex-supers, wannabe-supers,  ... and people who aren't strictly youthful white heterosexuals, at that.  Reading that was the best part of yesterday, and I'm going to keep up with it better from now on. 
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