Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Cavalry Arrives

Mirrored from Sythyry.

[I am changing the name of the informant Cani girl from "Azliet" to "Nalche". I don't want to have two Cani women with six-letter names beginning with A on the same skyboat. Also, Nalche fits the standard Srineian phonetics, and Azliet, while a common Cani name, does not. -bb]

Vae: [appearing in a cheery blossom of Locador claws] “Hiio, Sythyry, everyone!”

Some Wizard Or Other: “Aieee! A nendrai! A nendrai is come! And already am I weary!”

Me: “Hallo! What are you doing here? Is something terrible happening on Strayway?”

Zascalle called out to Vae, “Vae! Help us, save us!”. Vae was wearing her earmuffs, though, and could not hear Zascalle’s direct request. I paralyzed Zascalle for some minutes with a spell, which probably saved her life or at least her spiritual integrity or something. (Spiritual structural integrity, I mean. She didn’t have much of the other kind.)

Vae: “The terrible it is!”

Me: “Oh, heavens. What’s going on? Why aren’t you there?”

Vae: “The she-Cani has no Cani emotions! Not a speck of salaffan or deffa, no proper sense of hierarchy!”

Me: “What — Thiane doesn’t? “ (Thiane being the only she-Cani around.) “You can’t mean Phaniet or Arfaen, I hope!” (Phaniet, I am sure, suffers from no such defects. Arfaen seems to be normal in that regard as well.)

Vae: “Not that is her name, but Nalche is her name.”

Me: “Who?”

Vae: “The child-woman who told you about Zascalle’s decampment! The punishment they make for her, and all because of her lack of those emotions and for her consequent betrayal of them. The asylum she asks of us — of you!”

So, she’s wrongfolk, but not traff, or something. Most of my clients are traff, but we do have a variety of other sorts of problems as well.

Me: “Well, I’m none too impressed with Cani who have all the right emotions just now.” I glared at Thiane, who whined and tucked her tail between her legs. “Have Kantele talk to her, and Phaniet, and see how she’ll fit in.”

Vae: “Not a bit can they do so! The prison of torments and darkest captivity have they made for this Nalche, and it’s a rescuing she shall need.”

Me: “Oh, one of those. Well, check with Bwipin and Rehit to make sure it’s acceptable in Srineia to go rescue someone out of her parent’s prison and scoot them away off-branch. If it is, the wrongfolk can try to do it if they think they can manage, or I’ll be back, um, sometime, if they need heavier magic.”

Probably a bad idea. But I felt like doing something that helped someone today, to counteract all the punishments I’m inflicting.

Vae: “The yes!”

Me: “She can live with us for now. I’ll give final approval, or not, when I get back and recover and get to meet her for real. If I say no, tell her we’ll … oh … we’ll work out a good place to drop her off.”

Vae: “The good! The messages of yours I shall deliver to the eager tongues of Phaniet and Jyondre! And how are you, Sythyry? And did the money come back to you from Zascalle and Thiane? And are these wizards quarrelling with you? And do they need to be destroyed, or will a simple tormenting-up suffice for them?”

Me: “I have made peace with the wizards, or, rather, I have cleared up the few petty disagreements that arose since we last spoke, since we officially never were at anything but peace and never mind anything anyone said about hiring an assassin. I am dealing with Zascalle and Thiane myself.”

Vae: “The happiness is upon me! The worry was on me earlier, and on all who dwell in Strayway, that some doom had fallen upon you from a surprising quarter, and you were in some desperate battle.”

Me: “Oddly enough, not this time. I just had to capitulate on all my disputes. Expensive and embarrassing, but easy enough. Though, I greatly appreciate you showing up in what would have been the nick of time had I actually been in a battle!” It is good to have friends, sometimes, even if they are psychotic monsters and not actually necessary.

So I sent Vae back to Strayway, to give the wrongfolk the news. She popped off cheerfully … but left a gaggle of invisible elementals around to watch, and to zoom and get her if there was any trouble from the enemy wizards. Unnecessary. The enemy wizards had already won, as far as they were concerned.

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