Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Skyboats of Eigrach [18 Lage 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

While I was interrogating bankers, my clients and friendly locals were interrogating boaters. Specifically, assuming that Zascalle and family left by skyboat, which skyboat, and headed where?

So various variations on the following conversation occurred.

Rehit: “Do you know of a skyboat zooming off in a hurry about a week ago, with four foreigners on board of thus and such species and descriptions?”

Srijoe: “Who’s asking?”

Rehit: “Rehit, Sergeant of the Eigrach City Guard, and Lord Bwipin.”

Srijoe: “Oh, connected, are youse?”

Bwipin: “I have the mayor’s right ear, and Rehit the left.”

Srijoe: “Well, y’see, these foreigners, they put a forgetting spell on me.”

Rehit: “Ah, a forgetting spell? A magical one?”

Srijoe: “Nah, not magic. They just got me so darn distracted by the slow progress of my application for a pardon — or a commercial license — or my court case against my former spouse — or various other things depending on who I am — that I can’t remember a thing about them.”

Bwipin: “The delay in your application is intolerable and ridiculous! The mayor shall hear of it this very afternoon.”

Srijoe: “I feel mightily much better! So now I can remember the answer to that question you just put me, and here it is, only it turns out I know somewhat less than you wanted but that doesn’t free you from your promise.”

By the absolute supreme superiority of their investigation, they tracked down Vlebustla. Vlebustla (a Rassimel woman, in case it’s not obvious) is married to Fahrang, and Fahrang is the pilot and owner of Special Fall of Night.

Phaniet: “Why Special Fall of Night?”

Vlebustla: “Because it’s so fast.”

Phaniet: “Oh, dung.”

A few weeks ago, Zascalle put Fahrang on retainer for a quick and long trip to parts unspecified uptrunk. Last week, Zascalle made sure Fahrang would be available for a very fast rush to Elphaeia, eight rings of world-branches down from Ketheria, one above Beltheia (where we got attacked by pirates) but off on the side.

Kantele: “That seems a bit odd. Why was Fahrang interested in such a peculiar request?”

Vlebustla: “Zascalle paid quadruple the usual rates for Special Fall, and for him as pilot. Triple wages for the two alternate pilots, too.”

Kantele: “What, three pilots?”

Vlebustla: “So they could have the skyboat going at all times, without stopping.”

Phaniet: “Oh, dung of the harpy eagle!”

So the investigators started asking about the plans about where on Elphaeia.

Vlebustla: “Well, that’s the odd thing. Fahrang sends me letters telling me where he is and what he’s doing. Especially in situations like this, where someone is clearly doing something questionable. Just so that I have an idea of the situation if a rescue is needed, say.”

Phaniet: “Oh?”

Vlebustla: “He sent me a letter from Elphaeia, saying that Zascalle had changed her mind and was headed to Oorah Thrassen, in Ketheria. They had stopped at a city there to get to a bank, and came back with a great deal of money. Gave everyone a nice bonus, they did. Very nice.”

Phaniet: “Oh, dung of the intestinal-parasite-infested harpy eagle!”

Kantele: “Do you know any more?”

Vlebustla: “He wrote this morning saying he had arrived in Oorah Thrassen and set his passengers off to go visit some wizard. He will spend the day enjoying Oorah Thrassen, buy me some cheese and some exotic dried fruit, and leave for home tomorrow morning.”

(Probably either Nangbang or Kzip La Hish, neither of whom is particularly happy with me due to my mishandling of the elopement of their daughter and their indentured servant, respectively.)

Phaniet: “Oh, dung of the intestinal-parasite-infested harpy eagle who has eaten only quissitica beans for a thousand years!”

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