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Interlude: Game Content

Interlude: Game Content

Nendrai Friend (-3 Disadvantage): You are friends with a nendrai, in a situation which obliges you to have frequent contact with the nendrai. If there is trouble or turmoil in your life for some other reason, and your friend finds out about it, she will try to help you, and then you have much more trouble and turmoil. (She cannot understand that the trouble she has caused is actually troublesome.) However, you can occasionally get useful magic from her. (Many people on Strayway have this.)

Child Adventurer (+4 Advantage): You were involved in harsh adventures as a young child. You have picked up 5×d8 experience points in each of the following: Cley Base, Magic Resistance, Brawling, Claws and Teeth, Crushing Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Life Base, all athletics skills, Empathy, Etiquette, Friendliness, Guile, General Knowledge, Languages, Natural Science, and Social Knowledge. (All the kids now have this.)

Child Victim (-5 Disadvantage): You were killed repeated as a child, and it was one of the formative experience of your life. You will suffer lifetime fears about the means of your death, interpreted broadly, and will suffer Trouble 3 if you are confronted with in the future. (Quendry will fear magical weapons.) You will suffer hideous and sticky nightmares for the rest of your life, which cause you Trouble 2 for d6 hours after you wake up each morning. However, you did gain 60 experience in Life Base. (Quendry and Ochirion can take this.)

Office Worker (+2 Advantage): You have worked for several years as an accountant, scribe, secretary, or some other such office worker, and done so with an adventurer's eye. You have learned: Bargain (30 exp), Etiquette (30 exp), Friendliness (20 exp), Guile (30 exp), Interrogate (20 exp), Intimidate (20 exp), General Knowledge (30 exp), History and Literature (10 exp), Judge Value (30 exp), Languages (10 exp), Law (30 exp), Social Knowledge (30 exp). (Zascalle used this to great effect.)

Despised (-5 Disadvantage): Something that is overwhelmingly important to you, and is broadly known, is despised and hated by most primes; e.g., perhaps you are known to be transaffectionate in a city which does not like such things. Roll three botch dice on any social interaction with a normal person who knows about you. A single botch indicates indicates insults and contempt, probably unintentional. A double botch indicates disgust; a -5 penalty on most social rolls, and the interaction will go poorly. A triple botch is a social disaster: the encounter goes as poorly as possible, and you somehow make a particular, though probably short-term, enemy of the person you encountered. (A revealed Dark Secret can turn into Despised.) (All of the Strayway crew in Eigrach has this -- even the cisaffectionate ones.)

Adventurer True Love (+4 Advantage): You and one or more other PCs (all of whom must take this Advantage) are true loves; far and away the most important people in each others' lifes. You have a Broad Circumstantial Bonus, giving you a +1 bonus on all s20 rolls made when trying to assist, rescue, impress, or please each other. However, when flirting with anyone other than a True Love, roll two botch dice for ensuing disasters. (Yerenthax and Jyondre have this.)

Sorcerer's Assistant (+3 Advantage): You have worked for several years as a sorcerer's assistant. You did some magic, but more supplying cley, laboratory organization, dealing with customers, background research, and other assorted things. Experience in Cley Base (30), Concentration (20), Magic Resistance (5 × d8), Magic Theory (30), Meditation (30), Bargain (20), Empathy(10), Etiquette (20), Interrogate (10), Intimidate (10), God's Tongue (10), General Knowledge (10), Natural Science (10), and ten other magical arts and skills (5 each). You have 12 complexity-5 spells and 6 complexity-10 spells, mostly specialized or even whimsical ones that particularly useful adventuring. (Phaniet has this).

Anything else from Sythyry's Vacation you'd like to see described in game terms?
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