Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Investigations by More Mundane Means [17 Lage 4385]

Mirrored from Sythyry.

Jyondre acquired Rehit himself. (Rehit, for the record, has never heard that Eigrach has any law against locating or even scrying of one’s clients. Bwipin, who was also collected, is quite sure there is no such law.) They performed a detailed investigation taking most of the afternoon, which may be summarized thus:

Rehit and/or Bwipin: “This is a matter of foreigners against foreigners. The city’s policy is that Sythyry — and Jyondre and Yerenthax — are honored guests, and should be treated with adequate courtesy except when the privileges of a citizen should be emperilled. Thus, we require of you the truth!”

Raliet: “I point out that it is a privilege of the Jivu that I may not be interrogated in this matter, for certain technical reasons which need not concern the off-branchers.”

Jyondre, Rehit, and Bwipin: “Ah, yes. You-jivu are exempted.”

Phaniet: “Your somewhat rebellious (as Cani go) teenage pack-daughter there — Nalche — what is her status in the Jivu?”

Nalche: “I have been rejected by the Jivu. Ask me whatever questions you wish. Somewhat surprisingly, even to myself, I am eager to obey the civic authorities in this matter, for they are less loathy to me than is my aunt Raliet.”

Civic Authorities: “Thank you!”

Nalche: “Under your uncompromising, diligent, and all-perceptive interrogation, I tell you all I know!, I conceal nothing despite my attempts! Thiane, Zascalle, and children were here one night, some days ago, on the ninth of Lage to be precise. The children were very strange, even for Rassimel. The young one looked dazed or drunk or something, and the older one … made the fur on my tail stand up somehow. They departed in the morning, headed for the sky-docks. They left a large gift of money to us, which the adults did not distribute equitably. Oh, and the children wrote some letters, which we dribbled out over the week. We’ve got three letters left, if you want to save us the bother of sending them.”

Mundane Investigators: “The ninth of Lage? It is now the seventeenth of Lage! Nearly a week later!”

Nalche: “You are indeed fucked.”

Mundane Investigators: “This could prove troublesome.”

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