Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Thiane's Clan-Friends [17 Lage 4385]

Finding Thiane's clan-friends was a matter of some guesswork and trouble. She had not actually given us their names or addresses. Feralan had sent some letters to Lithia and Tingula, and Ochirion sent a couple of very scribbled get-well cards to Quendry, but they had been brought by Orren street urchins and didn't say where they were from. (Oh, and both children were supposed to come back to get healered at, but they wrote sweet notes asking to be excused, which was fine with me at the time.) Thiane is clan-related to half the Cani in town -- or in anywhere -- which mean she's clan-related to every family.

We asked at the clan offices of her primary clan Carn, and got several suggestions, none of which proved to be right. Then we went on to her secondary clans: Reran, another failure, and Reffen, which did turn up Raliet-and-Falk-and-Jyme-and-Leiska, with whom Thiane had been quite friendly.

By late afternoon we were at a long baskety longhouse in the not-that-nice part of town, sitting by a small pool full of splashing puppies and adolescents.

Raliet: "How can I-jivu help you, foreign wizard?"

Kantele: "We're looking for the wizard's companion and assistant Zascalle, to clear up a small matter related to her shipboard obligations."

Raliet: "She and her family have stepped out; she said they would some museum or other, and then take dinner in a restaurant such as meets their fancy afterwards, and then attend a ballet. I do not know precisely where to find them."

Me: "Well, it is somewhat urgent. May I stop by the guestroom they are staying in? A tuft of her fur would let me locate her anywhere in the city."

Raliet: "I'm afraid not -- location spells like that are against the law in Eigrach. They are too intrusive for a freedom-loving and privacy-respecting frontier society such as ours." None of us had known that before, not even Jyondre; his home city of Heleshario has no such law.

Phaniet: [secretly, via insignia] "I don't smell any Rassimel in here ... they haven't been here today."

Me: "A pity. May we see their guestroom in any case? I promise not to break the law of Eigrach, and to be responsible for all the consequences if I somehow am unaware of the law."

Raliet: "No, you may not. I do not wish to have foreigners wandering and poking about my house. You understand, of course."

I did understand, of course. A century ago, I had refused to let the brilliant and talented Iska be my roommate because she was foreign.

Me: [privately, to the wrongfolk] "There are connections a-plenty to Zascalle and Thiane aboard the Strayway. I shall go there and break Eigrach's law. May I prevail upon the rest of you to investigate by more mundane means as best as you can?"

Phaniet: [privately] "We shall do so! Jyondre, may I prevail upon you to collect a city guardsman or two, to lend an air of legitimacy and authority to our otherwise personal and foreign endeavours?"

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