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Breakup [16 Lage 4385]

Good News: Quendry

The good news is this: Quendry is up and walking. (Windigar and Ochirion have been up and walking for a couple days now; in fact, Ochirion and his family have gone to stay with some friends in Eigrach -- clan-friends of Thiane, I believe. A rather substantial illusion provides Feralan safe movement through city gates and city streets, despite the quasi-tangible black spikes still poking out of his brain in all directions.) This means that Quendry will be fine fairly soon. Not unscathed of course. He'll probably have some troubles for the rest of his life over it -- severe terrors would hardly be out of the question.

Conversely, he'll be as tough as a Gormoror, so, should he decide to be an adventurer (or, more likely, find himself one due to no fault of his own) he's well-started. I suppose that's good.

Bad News: Arfaen and Mellilot Broke Up

The bad news is this: Mellilot has finally and intensely broken up with Arfaen. Their relationship had been in a very fragile state for quite some time, as you surely recall if you have been reading every bit of gossip I write about and many I don't write about and ignoring all the other bits. The causes of this are manifold, but due in significant part to Arfaen's general inability to keep her pants on around other species of primes, and Mellilot's inability to simply chuckle and make a few pointed comments rather than get upset and jealous. Neither of these traits is particularly unusual among traff-folk, nor the cis version among cis-folk; but they are a poor combination. Arfaen and Mellilot have had troubles before over this.

There is a Great Deal of Drama concerning this, since both Arfaen and Mellilot are quite popular on board Strayway. Inconnu has gone off to sulk. Calla is furious with him. Tingula slapped Umbers. Kantele was extremely short with nearly everyone, including me. I will not describe this any more. I have been living it for most of the day.

To give Mellilot credit, she had decided to break up with Arfaen some time ago, but had waited until Quendry was clearly out of danger to do so. She did not want to devastate Arfaen with the loss of her lover as well as the peril of her child at the same time.

Good News: Comforting with Arfaen

And so it came to pass that Arfaen came to my laboratory to see Quendry, who is asleep (not coma'ed) after his exhausting day of walking eight paces while Phaniet held his hand. We talked for a time about this and that, but mostly about that. She scooped me up and put me on her shoulder, which my friends sometimes do when they wish to continue a conversation, and I draped my tail around her neck, which I sometimes do when I am pleased to be shouldered, and we proceeded back to her quarters, which have been largely de-Mellilotted.

Please note that I am quite aware that Arfaen has trouble keeping her pants on around other species of primes, etc.

As the aforementioned pants were about to be flung aside, I felt obliged to have The Conversation.

Me: "I don't generally do this sort of thing with my clients."

Arfaen: "I know, Sythyry. But I am a grownup and I do know what I'm doing, really I do."

Me: "I do understand that your knowledge of this topic has been a matter for widespread discussion all day, hasn't it?"

Arfaen: "Besides, it's not just as if you're just some patron and I'm just some client. You've been working your feathers ragged healing my son. And not for the first time. And I know how much it's cost you -- you even went adventuring to get that Grace!"

Me: "That was Phaniet. And Jyondre, Yerenthax, and Rheng."

Arfaen: "I'm not inviting any of them. Phaniet is a Cani and I don't do Cani any more. Jyondre and Yerenthax are monogamous. Rheng is cissy, and kind of a jerk. Anyways, I owe you bigtime. You paid for the Grace, and all the other things you used on Quendry, I don't know the half of them."

Me: "Well, yes. But you don't owe me time in your bed."

Arfaen: "And you tended him for hours every day. That's not what just any old patron would do. That takes a true friend, and a prime who is decent ... who is noble in the old sense of the term." [meaning "heroic" more or less. -bb]

That got me sniffling, I must say. After my long and distinctly sleazy affair with Thenel, after having to send friends into danger to go hunting the Grace for me, after me extravantly failing to protect my friends' children from the nendrai, and all of that, I haven't been feeling terribly decent of late, much less noble in any sense of the term except perhaps the most parasitic. But I suppose I can see why Arfaen can see my incompetent attempts in a better light than I usually can.

Me: [Sniffling] "But I'd do that for any of my clients, really."

Arfaen: "I know you would. But why on wood do you think that makes me want to sleep with you less?"

I could not, and did not, fault that logic.

And it wasn't much like a patron sleeping with a client, anyways. It was like two friends, both sad from recent breakups, distracting and comforting each other.

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