Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: Web Site, Icons

The amazing and talented djinni has produced another icon for me -- this one for OOC postings, which amuses me considerably.  I am going to work on a costume like that!

Just in time for a less delighted announcement. Our web hosting has utterly collapsed, evidently losing most of their files on our web sites.  (We have some backups, though perhaps not the most recent.) will be down for a while.  The amazing, talented, and amazingly busy beetiger is reconstructing the various sites she's responsible in priority order, and, since Sythyry is adequately mirrored on Livejournal and Dreamscape, I have put myself at the bottom of her priority order. The World Tree RPG site will be down for a while too, for which apologies.

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