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Meanwhile, back in the Candelabra [19-21 Thory 4385]

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Back on Strayway, there was a certain amount of consternation, especially during times when I was trying to do something.

Concerned Parent: knock-knock-knock!

Phaniet: (popping her head out from inside the workshop) “Oh, hallo, Concerned Parent. What can I do for you?”

Concerned Parent: “Get Sythyry to scry for my abducted child again! Now!”

Phaniet: “I’m sorry, Concerned Parent, but that didn’t work last time because your child (or children, depending on which Concerned Parent you are) was out of zir range. Zie tried during a break in the enchantment this morning, and I’m very sorry, but he (or they) are still out of range.”

Concerned Parent: “I must come in and speak to Sythyry right now! I am concerned — and even upset! — and my child or children is or are still kidnapped!”

Phaniet: “Sythyry is concerned and even upset too. This fact spurs zir on to greater efforts on zir current project.”

Concerned Parent: “What kind of mere enchantment project could possibly be more important than my child?”

Phaniet: “Not more important than your child! But more important than providing you a moment of comfort now. The enchantment project now, as it has been for five to seven days depending on when this conversation is taking place, is the Accanax-blessed artifact for breaking Vae’s spells.”

Concerned Parent: “I understand and assent to the importance of that, if I am Arfaen! For I remember the effort required the last time Quendry got cursed, and acknowledge the possiblity — nay, the distinct likelihood — that he come home cursed again. Alternatively, I continue to complain and object and demand immediate attention, if I am Zascalle and/or Thiane!”

Phaniet: “I console you as best I can, if you are Arfaen, or increasingly testily demand that you wait for the remaining third of an hour (as you experience time) if you are Zascalle and/or Thiane. In any case you cannot now come in.”

Enchanting a god-blessed artifact feels just like enchanting a regular magic item. Except you know it’s not: whatever it turns out to be, it will be greater and more subtle than anything you could make by yourself, and endowed with a life and a purpose which — if you are quite lucky — may have some vague resemblance to what you actually want or need.

At least I’m not feeling horrible about making an artifact to counter my friend Vae. She is still my friend, but she needs considerably more thwarting than most of my friends.

Even than Inconnu. (Inconnu has been making many passes at me in the last few days. Supposedly with the intent of taking my mind off my problems. While I do not wholly appreciate this attention, and might even take him up on it at sometime, I don’t want to do it now. For one thing — hardly the most important — Phaniet doesn’t guard my bedroom door the way she does my workroom door.)

The Plan (OOC)

Morphicon, in Ohio, will be in a bit under two weeks, and beetiger and I are Guests of Honor. And I’m running a World Tree game there (Sunday 10-2).

My game will be a Sythyry episode, starring Inconnu, Phaniet, Grinwipey, Rheng, Yerenthax, and Jyondre as player characters. (Sythyry and Vae, as NPCs, will not be at their most effective; the PCs get center stage.) If all goes well, it will be the part in the current story arc right after the journal entry I post mid-next-week.

Oh, and if you’re planning to play please comment and tell me. I’d like to know if I’m running for six people who know more about Sythyry than I do, or six people who have never seen World Tree before, or what. Also, if you tell me who you want to play, I will at least know what the conflicts are. (If several people tell me they want Inconnu here, I’ll roll a die to choose, at the con.)

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