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I haven't felt like writing so much the last few days: somehow it is easier to write at school, when I have all sorts of things that I can do and that I must do and that I must do very very soon or I am in trouble, than it is to write in a lazy Orren riverbum village where I can take the journal up on the roof and stare at Orren fishing in the icy waters or carving logs into fantastical distorted laughing faces off by the fores and think about writing for hours on end and not write a single squeaky word.

This is a very lazy vacation for me. It is not so lazy for Flooosh -- since she is the responsible one in the family and brings in most of the actual amber, she is the one who must bake bread and mend furniture and decide that the family can buy another little sailboat when she comes out here. Oh, and give some of the children extra lessons in writing, though Flounderbouncer does most of that. I do not quite see why Floosh puts up with it.

In any case, despite any reports you may have invented, I have done no seduction of Orren so far, and do not expect to seduce any. The only one here I think I might even have a chance with is Iska ... oh, I forgot to mention, Iska is Floosh's other winter break charity project; she came out here with us. In any case, the Orren here do not flirt particularly much with me. Flounderbouncer and Riverred perhaps, Diffitt and Poolie and Chompramirthian maybe a touch, but I think it's the sort of very frivolous and unserious and annoying flirting that acknowledges that it is possible to have some sort of involvement, but it simply won't ever happen. Hmph.

Riverred probably just feels like she is flirting with me because she has to touch me more often than most people would, to tell where I am. Or when I lead her down the ramp from the upper to the middle house. The ramp is plenty wide, a good six feet wide, but it is at least fifteen feet in the air at the lowest spot and twenty at the highest. It has no railings. If you fall off of it, you will land in the water ... which is safe for most Orren most of the year. During the winter, the water is a bit on the hard side -- and the pointy side with fragments of broken frozen icicles.

I asked Floosh why Riverred lives in the upper house, where she has to dare the ramp twice or thrice a day. "She's a willful girl, that one. She won't let blindness keep her from anything -- not fishing, not dancing, not the upper house. We built a railing on the ramp when she moved up there, but she kicked it down and wouldn't let us build it up again."

Flounderbouncer really isn't flirting with me. For the first two days I was here, so was his very serious girlfriend Tliskit, here for her first visit to his family, and they were spending lots of time chatting up the parents. Floosh was very concerned to get home in time to meet her, and wanted to make sure Iska and I did as well. Well, I met her; she seems quiet and shy and sort of blandly pleasant. Flounderbouncer is a bone-mage's assistant somewhere bigger nearby; Tlisket is in training as a guild healer. I'm not surprised she was nervous -- she must come from a relatively quiet middle-class town Orren family, and it's a bit of a wildness to get your surrounding by all leaping bounding scrambling lazy Orren riverbums in their dozens.

Anyways, after Tliskit went back home, Flounderbouncer stayed a couple days more, and seemed quite full in his enthusiasm that everything had gone well enough or at least not so terribly. So he was smiling at everyone, and hugging everyone but Iska. (I think that I am starting to figure out the conservativeness of Threeze. Orren can be with Orren, or some Orren at least. Anyone can be with a Zi Ri of course, same as anywhere (but, alas, nobody will here and now.) And ... that's all. Nobody but Floosh and me would so much as touch Iska's tailtip, and in the city there's nothing much to that at all.

[Scribbled in somewhat later] I'm wrong there. In the Academy, and moreso in the court, there's nothing much to that at all. Hinting at transaffection, or doing it, is rather an upper-class thing. The guildsfolk and that class are a bit leery of it. The commoners are downright ashamed of it, and only the ones who pretend to higher class will even touch other species a bit. Or I suppose for the ones who are actually, honestly transaffectionate; I suppose there must be some of those in every class. Actually doing it, wide and open the way Tethezai does, is a bit shocking even for the upper nobility I think; her parents don't seem to entirely approve. (Zir parents, of course, would just as soon zie got zirself wholly ostracized from all polite society, including theirs.)

I suppose I thought I was going somewhere with these musings, but it's all lost. Threeze isn't a place for deep contemplation in any case. Except for Iska of course... I don't imagine she could ever do anything but that.

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