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Always Room for Four More [21 Thory 4385]

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The next morning everyprime felt much better, except for the Guard, who inexplicably and irrelevantly had a headache. Everyone else had a late breakfast. (The children had had an early one, I understand, but this cannot be considered truly relevant either.)

Windigar: “How do you like Lavagrave so far, children?”

Ochirion: “It’s pretty nice.”

Quendry: “I have affan in travelling!”

Feralan: “And the food is good. Bland, but good.”

Windigar: “And how do you like adventuring around with Vae?”

Feralan: “I broke my leg yesterday.”

Ochirion: “She’s so scary.”

Quendry: “And sad. All the time she is sad and more sad!”

Windigar: “Because the Lavagrites told me that we could stay here if we wanted.”

Quendry: “Stay here? How long?”

Windigar: “As long as we want.”

Feralan: “Not go home, you mean?”

Windigar: “We could go home. They’re trying to rescue us from Vae, not keep us here.”

Feralan: “Wouldn’t Vae be mad?”

Windigar: “She would. We’d have to stay inside the city walls until she left. She’d really be more sad than mad though.”

Quendry: “What about Mommy?”

Windigar: “Quendry, we’d not be able to get back to see Arfaen very fast. It might take a few years.” He was exaggerating and/or wrong, in my estimate. It would take a few dozen years, most likely.

Quendry: “I want to be back with Mommy!”

Windigar: “I want to be back on the Strayway too. But I’m worried. Vae’s being dangerous and reckless. The only time she seems to be the least bit sensible is when Sythyry is around to keep her in line, and she didn’t bring zir along. So I’m worried. What if she’s just a bit more careless next time, and one of you dies? I want you to be home, but I also want you to live.” Regrettably, Windigar was quite insightful.

Feralan: “She broke my leg. She threw us into the sky without a second thought. She’s keeping that poor shifter hybrid in a torture pen. I’m afraid of Vae. Sythyry’s afraid of Vae.”

Ochirion: “Lavagrave isn’t afraid of Vae. They asked to keep us here. She can’t come inside the city walls.

Windigar: “I’m afraid of Vae too. I don’t want to die by one of her famous mistakes, branches and branches away from everyone I know, and I don’t want to lose any of you that way either.”

Ochirion: “I want to go home though.”

Feralan: “I want to go home too. I don’t know though. Will Vae really get us home?”

Quendry: “Vae wants to get us home. With the present. I want to go home too.”

Feralan: “I don’t want to die.”

Quendry: “I have affan in travel plans among the kids!”

Ochirion: “He does, yes.”

Windigar: “But you Rassimel kids aren’t Cani. Affan doesn’t really matter except to Cani.”

Ochirion: “We’re his friends. He gets to affan on us. We get to neep at him.”

Feralan: “I think that’s right. Quendry, do you understand that you’re asking us to risk maybe getting hurt or cursed, maybe even dying, for the sake of going home?”

Quendry: “Yup. We’ll ask her to be very careful.”

Windigar: “I don’t know if she can do that.”

Feralan: “And home isn’t even home? It’s just Strayway, down in Srineia, and we won’t get back to Vheshrame for a couple years or more?”

Quendry: “Home is with my mommy.”

Feralan: “And you know I really don’t want to go adventuring again with her. I got pretty badly hurt yesterday.”

Quendry: “I know, Feralan. I want us to go home.”

Ochirion: “I am following Quendry! I want us to go home.”

Windigar: “Feralan, I think you’ve got the deciding vote. If you think it’s better to stay, we’ll stay here, where it’s safe.”

Feralan frowned, and rubbed his leg where it had been broken, and peered at Quendry. Quendry wagged his tail. Feralan peered at his younger brother. Ochirion drooped his ears and tail.

Feralan: “Quendry has affan. I’ll do what he says.”

Windigar: “You’re not Cani. You don’t need to follow affan.”

Feralan: “I’m half Cani — Thiane is one of my moms. And I miss her, and my other mom, and everyone.”

Windigar: (Discusses it more, presciently)

Children: (Get more and more united to going)

Windigar: “I will tell the Count that we will not be staying, then. And I hope we don’t regret that decision.”

Afterwards: I asked Vae if the Count was really that impressed with Windigar, or Windigar with the Count. She said she thought not: that the Count simply seemed like a very kind Orren who wanted to do what he could to save some lostlings. Their brief farewell scene was that of friendly acquaintances, not soulmates or beloveds.

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