Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC - magic homework for you!

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to pick (by whatever means appeal to you) one or more spells on the following list of spell names (kindly supplied by Mx Flame) and write suitable descriptions of them in the gaming or magical system of your choice.

Should you choose not to accept this assignment, seven domestic pigeons will not be harmed.

  1. Locate Dislocation
  2. Terrible Wrath
  3. Inflict Minor Traps
  4. Stinking Ball Of Good
  5. The True Terrible Anathema
  6. The Lesser Liturgy Of The Evil Eye
  7. False Skin Of Acid
  8. Judicious Tempest
  9. Doomed Spray
  10. Greater Doom Terminate
  11. Major Curse Vision
  12. Unusual Beam
  13. Transmute Binding To Energy
  14. Rust Self
  15. Improved Swarm Of Corneas
  16. Repel Vacation
  17. Dominate Krypton
  18. Change Tongues To Explosion
  19. Spectral Swarm Of Augury
  20. Speak With Healing
  21. Transmute Fear To Winds
  22. The Petulant Binding
  23. Improved Arouse Explosion
  24. The Niobium Malediction
  25. Supreme Cloud
  26. Sloppy Symbol
  27. Menacing Pattern Of Rope
  28. Pomegranite-Eating Shield
  29. Prophet's Pattern Of Eyes
  30. Blast Of Status
  31. True Walk On Doom
  32. Improved Oust Food
  33. Pattern Of Emotions And Helping And Fear
  34. Mass Invisibility To Venom
  35. Pilgrim's Swarm
  36. Hapless Blast
  37. Dr. Michael Sauron's Cage Of Wilting
  38. The Boundless Wrath Of The Weird Wizard
  39. Minor Inflict Respectable Wonton Soup
  40. Limited Wheel Of Anguish
  41. See Tomato
  42. Resistance Globe To Vulnerability To Status
  43. Beautiful Icosahedron Of Snares And Pits
  44. False Blast Of Vegetables
  45. Breathe Hash Browns
  46. Jar Cone
  47. Speak With Scroll
  48. Spray Of Living
  49. Minor Shield Of Immunity To Blurring
  50. The Fast Despair Of Donald Duck
  51. Minor Dark Foul Up Ice
  52. Improved Restoration Circle Against
  53. Disruption Tether
  54. False Orgone Nimbus
  55. Diminish Grouse
  56. Extradite Miso
  57. Artsy-Fartsy Storm
  58. Improved Enrage Dragon
  59. The Minor Maddening Bane
  60. Major Minor Blade Of Dwarf's Constitution
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