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Opinions: Phaniet [17 Thory 4385; Eigrach, Srineia]

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Everyone has an opinion about what I should do next. Except me. I don’t have much of a clue.


Phaniet thinks we should figure out what to do about Eigrach’s perfidy, but I wanted to discuss what I should do about my affair with Thenel first.

Phaniet:“You are ashamed of conducting a clandestine liaison with him.”

Me:“No, not really.”

Phaniet:“That wasn’t a question. You are ashamed of it. I can smell it on you. I saw you wince every time Rehit said that you had been utterly honorable, when of course you have done nothing of the sort, and right in his bed at that.” (Not true! No closer to that than Thenel’s shop’s parlor.) “And, I would say, properly so. Speaking as your loyal supporter, it is one of the most disreputable, if not downright immoral, things that I have seen you do since I have known you.”

Me:“That’s not what you said when I started.”

Phaniet:“It’s what I said when I learned that Thenel was engaged.”

Me:“Besides, they’re not married yet. Thenel’s not breaking his marriage vows; he doesn’t have any.”

Phaniet:“I am not technically married to Este. Nonetheless it stings to walk into a parlor and discover Inconnnu on Este’s lap, nibbling on his ear.”

Me:“Well, that’s probably Inconnu’s fault. He crawls all over everybody who doesn’t beat him off with a glaive-guisarme, except for the other Orren and me.”

Phaniet:“There is actually no fault involved. Este knows perfectly well what he can do with Inconnu, and he has never violated our rules. The point is that cheating is cheating, whether the couple is married or not. Thenel is breaking his relationship’s rules — in spirit, even if you found some ridiculous excuse to keep to the letter — and you’re helping him.”

Me:“I know that perfectly well. I’m a hundred years older than you, and I’ve seen a hundred variations on that story.”

Phaniet:“Well, O Great All-Knowing Lizard, how many of them ended well?”

Me:“Um … maybe a dozen?”

Phaniet:“And how many of those involved doom magnets like you?”


Phaniet:“Anyhow. Any relationship which you can’t mention to your partner’s best friend is a bad relationship. Any relationship which could easily destroy your partner’s social circumstances is a bad relationship. And really, really, any relationship which requires you to be a whore is a bad relationship. “


Phaniet:“So you-and-Thenel is…”

Me:“A bad relationship”

Phaniet:“And what should you do about it?”


Phaniet:“Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea to stay in a bad relationship?”



Me:“… um …”

Phaniet:“OK, I’m going to go refranitize the osculary. You stay here and try to figure that puzzle out, you Great All-Knowing Lizard.”

Me: [stomps off to talk to Kantele.]

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