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Prelude to The Conversation [15 Thory 4385; Eigrach, Srineia]

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After discovering that my supposed Vacation Fling, Thenel, actually had a same-species fiancé, I resolved to wait for three days to see if the situation would become clearer and/or more coherent. On the fourth of those three days, my friends and associates felt entitled to question me.

Phaniet:“How are you doing with Thenel?”

Me:“I am, evidently, not doing with Thenel. I have not seen the gentleRassy for several days now.”

Phaniet:“And when did you say that you were going to go chat with him?”

Me:“After a period of time which need not be contemplated by fur-heads like yourself!”

She turned and left, wagging her tail, rather as if I had amused her rather than delivered a devastating and undeniable species-based insult to her.

Of course, it is harder to defend myself against Vae, even if she’s not using any actual magic.

Vae:“And have you seen Thenel lately?”


Vae:“Not have I seen him either, for no further work has been done upon your skyboat.”

Me:“No, I’m not terribly happy about that either.”

Vae:“And for which crimes are you making a punishment to me, that I must live in a broken candelabra? Is it my breaking of the pirate’s city, or my ripping of the world open as we fled, or some lesser but still heinous deed?”

Me:“Oh, dear. It’s not a punishment, it’s a slowishness due to the incompetence and inertia of the workers of Eigrach. Does it gripe you so very much?”

Vae:“The sorrow to me it is. But the sorrows to me belong quite properly.”

Vae treasures beautiful things that primes have made, even if they don’t quite belong to her. Strayway was once beautiful, when Vae first saw her. And she will be beautiful again, even if I have to rebuild her with my own cley and paw: but I hope she becomes so sooner and with less effort of mine.

Rather later, while sewing the images of blood-spattered rhododendrons on a cummerbund, Grinwipey somehow chanced on the same topic.

Grinwipey:“Hey, feather-brain, didja ever get your yanabloonie poddled any more? Or was that Rassie-boy some kind of leaf-covered twiffish ffeff who rather dradger his melts with the sunlight than gramble out the mettages in your back yard?”

I actually understood one word of that; Lithia had mentioned it to me. “Sunlight” = “Light of the day” rhymes with and thus means “fiancé”. (Or, if it is more convenient, it might mean “segue” or “moray” or something elsé, if that were convenient.)


Grinwipey:“I though you finally remembered that you like having a bit of a twirl of the old boy-and-girl. Or was you a hermaphrodite with him, you little vopter?”


Grinwipey:“Well, gosh gobble-gobble gormidge, aren’t you just the chaste little pile of stammers nowadays?”


Grinwipey:“Then you’re go to go and tell Thenel where he can go felk his smickers ’til the slippery cheese jumps. Viz., in you.”


Grinwipey:“So why are you being a vomhork about it?”

Me:“Shut up and finish that embroidery.” I am, at times, a marvel of patience and eloquence.

So I waited another day. Not out of cowardice! Never that! Out of wanting to spite my friends and associates.

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