Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: characters.

The Role-Playing Character Quiz
Whipped up by j_cat and heavily curtailed, then refrongled to be
characters in stories I write.

How long have you been writing?:
Since 2001

What medium do you use? (ex: Dungeons and Dragons, MUDs, Live Action, hand puppets, etc.):
Emacs and raw HTML.

Who are your favorite characters? I like all my protagonists of course:
Sythyry (of this journal) and Jyothky (Mating Flight) the best, I
think. Arrhwy (Marriage of Insects) and Grinwipey (Sythyry's
) steal most scenes they appear in, and appear frequently. Other
favorites of the moment: Vae and Dustweed (Sythyry),
Melyl, Kysinne, and Pyzot (Wrath of Trees), Casamint (Marriage of
), Tarcuna and Osoth (Mating Flight).

Do you play characters that are not of the gender you identify with?
I write characters of all available genders. Sometimes I invent new genders
for them to be.

Who was your first character?
Sythyry, actually.

Who is your latest character?
Rehit and Thenel, from Sythyry's Vacation are the current new important

Most Popular Character?
Sythyry, or maybe Vae.

Which character is most like you?
Casamint, alas: the asshole scholar.

Who would you like to be more like?
One of the minor Mating Flight dragons who never gets very much doom,
like Osoth.

Who's the character you love but have never written?
I'm approximately caught up, actually.

Which character would be most likely to-

Murder someone?
Jyothky Vae, of my favorites, are frequent killers. If Grinwipey did it,
it would be actual murder.

Have a mental breakdown?

Do something stupidly dangerous for fun?
Vae is on the edge of 'stupidly dangerous' all the time.

Lay down his or her life for a stranger?
Dustweed and Kysinne.

Star in a Porn?
Tarcuna the more-or-less-ex-prostitute.

Get married? Jyothky and Casamint, who are in books about marriage. Vae
is married to another very nice world-destroying monster. Sythyry was as good
as married for some decades, to a mortal. Grinwipey was married for rather

Fall in love?
Sythyry, Vae, Dustweed, Pyzot, and Casamint are generally in love.

-The Best and the Most-
Who of your characters is the most realistic?
Arrhwy is the most realistic, I think. She is very very cat.
Kysinne is a very realistic robot god abandoned by a superior civilization

Who is the most fun to write?
Grinwipey, Arrhwy, and Kysinne on good days.

Who do you respect most?
Sythyry works very hard at being decent, though zie is hampered by
considerable prejudice (much of societal) and some blind spots.

If you had a popularity contest within your group of characters who would win?
Sythyry or Vae, probably.

Who kisses the best?
Pyzot. You do not want to know how I know this.
Kysinne and Melyl kiss the worst, having no actual mouths.

Who would react best to realizing he or she is going to die?
Tarcuna did a reasonably good job of it: she mostly thanked Jyothky for
killing her. Kysinne and Pyzot had an excellent death scene.

Who would be most interesting drunk? Describe them.
Vae, but in the same way she is interesting sober -- or rather, she has some
mental defects which make her doomy in general, and which make her, in some
ways, quasi-inebriated at all times.

Kysinne, who is a computer sort of thing, would be very interesting to
consider drunk.

Which one of your characters would make the best roommate?
Sythyry. Zie'll sleep in the fireplace, and leave you the bed. (As
of Sythyry's Journal, in particular -- I daresay zie's fussier now.)
No. Kysinne. You can put Kysinne in a drawer for a century and it won't mind.

Dance partner?
Sythyry took a course in Flirtatious Dancing once. I'm pretty sure Casamint
dances well too.
Melyl (a tree) comments at one point that she is the second-worst dancer in
her faction, ahead only of Pyzot's husband.


I think that Jyothky and Pyzot are the best spouse (in species terms, but ones
which make some sense to humans). Vae is probably the best spouse in species
terms, but what her species does is not very much in tune with human

Super villain?
Jyothky is widely hated by the end of her story. Vae is a super villain,
basically 2/3 Mr. Mxyzptlk, 1/3 Galactus, only helpful.

Who wouldn’t mind? knowing they're a character
Vae would be relieved.

Which of your characters do you like as a person?
All of the ones above, and nearly all of the ones I write. I can't really do
a good job writing someone if I don't like them: my honest-to-gods villains
are pretty crappy.

Who would you most like to actually meet?
Sythyry would be the most fun to have a social encounter with, I think.

Who would you not like to actually meet?
Most of them would not get along with a human well. If I were disguised
suitably, they would mostly be good to meet: Grinwipey and Arrhwy the least.

Who would be happy in a boring, safe little job in a cubicle?
Melyl, the tree.

Who dreams of flying?
Melyl, the tree.

Who is happy?
They're my characters. They're so not going to be happy.
(Except at the end of the novel, for those lucky enough to be in novels, and
even then it's likely to be bittersweet.)

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