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The Grades

Some grades have begun to appear.

Deepening of Understanding: "Notably Experienced". The class exercises got considerably lighter towards the end of the semester, so I presume that they know about the explosions with Spirshash.

Corpador: "Finely Reasoned". This pleases me! I had not expected to be marked any better than "Adequately Reasoned", or perhaps "Diligently Labored". Evidently nobody successfully figured out the trick of changing one prime to another without Mutoc -- the hint is that it can be done only to two species, and not to all members of those. There are many puzzled Corpador students .... but I, at least, am a puzzled Corpador student with a dignified grade.

Not so in Enchantment, in which my grade was simply "Casually Labored." This is unsuitable and inappropriate! I was in no way casual about Enchantment! I attended every lecture but three; I did every theoretical exercise; I completed my fourteen-gallon pitcher! Perhaps it was unwise to carefully skip the two lectures about my inventive and strategically-created grandparent -- but I am sure I would have melted from all the stares from everyone in the classroom. It was a matter of safety! Also I worry that I was expected to have some special secrets or talent in Enchantment denied to all but Glikkonen's descendants, but I do not -- what zie knows is either published quite broadly, or concealed in zir own notebooks. Or, perhaps, is imparted to zir descendants on their month-of-month-of-month's birthday. [81 World Tree years, about fifty terrestrial. -bb]

Spelunking: "Deeply Studied". Everyone who attended all the expeditions was given "Deeply Studied."

Famous Collections: "Tolerably Considered". This stings a bit. Yarwain and I have, on the whole, taken the class together: the three reports we did jointly, and the exercise in spraddling we did together with Iska. (Iska, by the way, otherwise worked alone, and was given "Supremely Reasoned".) Yarwain was given "Finely Considered". For exactly the same work that I did -- exactly the same, I tell you, in the sense that everything had both our names on it. And I should think that in general Yarwain and I did equal parts of it, save that I was the one to write it up, for more people can read my writing than his.

But of course, nobody but a Rassimel could really appreciate the detailed study of collections. This is evident from the list on Prof. Yrrkyrr's door -- an Orren gets "Adequately Understood", another Orren gets "Tolerably Considered"; a Cani gets "Generally Suitable"; and so on -- nothing better. Yet Rassimel get "Finely Considered", "Excellently Stated", "Deeply Reasoned", and such as that -- barring Iska, who got "Supremely Reasoned", and deserved it, curse her.

It was a fun class, but this has a sting to it, armed with bitter poison.

I'm sure that there are end-of-term festivities of some sort, but I shan't go to them for a moment or two. Instead, perhaps, I shall ask Dustweed what happened when zie took a course from a Herethroy.

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