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Family Reaction [14 Thory 4385; Eigrach, Srineia]

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After the execration, Jyondre’s family stomped up to the door of the Tall Guardhall. “We demand further opportunities to harangue Jyondre and cast aspersions upon him, for he has cast hideous aspersions upon us and promulgated vileness in public against our name!”

Rehit met them at the door. “I do not believe that Jyondre wishes to speak with you. He is within; he knows of your presence and your opinions; he may come without if he wishes. Instead, I believe, he is listening to words of comfort from the Mayor of Eigrach.”

“Just so, just so! He is a traitor to Heleshario! We must speak with him immediately and correct this improper behavior and many others! Perhaps we will use willow switches, or perhaps thorn sticks!”

“If simply speaking to the Mayor of Eigrach is treason in Heleshario, I do believe that the Mayor of Heleshario is a traitor a dozen times over this year,” said Rehit.

“How dare you accuse our Mayor of betraying himself? He has done no such thing!” spluttered some uncle sort of Orren.

“I do not believe that Jyondre has betrayed himself either,” said Rehit.

“If anything, rather the opposite! By accepting this stipend, he is slowly but surely draining the treasuries of Eigrach,” shouted Zascalle, who is my accountant and knows all about such things. (Very slowly, of course. Seventy lozens, or even twice that for both Jyondre and Yerenthax, is hardly a matter for a city’s finances to notice.)

“You! You have perverted him! You have sundered him from his honorable behavior and from his vows!” yowled an aunt or cousin or some such.

“Actually, I would say that saving a village full of peasants is an archetypically honorable act,” I remarked.

“No, no! Nothing of the sort! Nothing of the sort is what I am talking about!” cried the aunt or cousin.

Jyondre’s mother menaced Rehit with a picnic basket. “Sir-of-the-Guard, I demand that you allow me to see my son at once!”

“Madam of Heleshario, if I am not mistaken, you disinherited him and cast him out of your family not three minutes ago,” said Rehit. “You have no son in the Tall Guardhall any more.”

She hit him with the basket, ruining his formal clothes with eels in oil and pickled leeks. A wine bottle broke, gashing the side of his head.

“An assault, an assault, an undeclared war upon Eigrach!” cried a dozen Eigrachters, and went after the visitors from Heleshario with sticks and claws and teeth.

Fortunately nearly the whole city guard was there, and fortunately it was well in order. Jyondre’s family and friends from Heleshario were (a) defended from the nascent mob of Eigrach, and (b) evicted from the city as quickly as possible. Jyondre never got to say farewell to them. Though I am not sure that he wanted to.

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