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OOC - Genre!

OOC: I have a genre!

Well, a subsubsubgenre, at least. I'd be surprised if it gets as big as animutation, say.

Sythyry isn't the first fictional journal, not even the first fictional LiveJournal. I'm not aware of many others that are set in the authors' original worlds and intended as literature for a broad audience: cowboy_r's long-completed project of Tails of the City is the only one I can think of.

But that was last month. Now there are jareth_atian and, as of this morning, bartolomi. Welcome to both!

I am far from mighty at English Lit. (My mother is an English professor -- and yes, I was named after Shakespeare, and didn't choose the name "Bard" myself like a good little pagan and/or gamer -- so I generally avoided English courses.)

But I'm beginning to see some subsubsubgenre conventions, already. Both bartolomi and I start out by actually getting the physical journal, from a relative who is a maker of magical devices. The journal exists within the journal. I imagine that the right Magisters of LitCrit could probably have a field day with that -- but of course the characters seem to take it as a fairly routine matter.

Schools are also popular: college, in particular. Actually byackley has for the last year or two (or more?) been producing a nifty webcomic set in a magic academy, Spellshocked, and I am a card-carrying member of Academics Anonymous, so it probably comes naturally. In any case, I don't see much of Hogwarts in either Spellshocked or Sythyry.

Next comes ... genre identity disorder, maybe, when I start consciously breaking the conventions of the form?

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